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The French Alps offer a varied kind of fun activities for a perfect family vacation. Not just the winter skiing and snowboarding experiences, the French Alps have in store many such amazing experiences even during other seasons. If you are wondering where you should go to enjoy the perfect family activity holiday full of utmost fun and adventure, here are four destinations in French Alps and their whereabouts. You will surely have a fun time with different adventure activities.


Morzine is one of the most visited ski resort of the French Alps. It is one of the best places for beginner’s skiing and is definitely most loved by travellers. There are many summer activities that Morzine has to offer to its visitors. You will be surprised to know that apart from skiing and snowboarding, Morzine has a lot more to offer when it comes to adventure sports. From Canyoning to Climbing, from mountain trails to golfing, Morzine has a lot in store for many.

Adventure trails:

Tall spruces, beech trees and silver birches will definitely entice you for an adventure trail. Build a tree house, climb up the tree, all is fun amidst the beautiful greens.


Canyoning is a fun water sport by the descent of mountain streams in a specially equipped area including abseiling, jumps, natural waterslides etc. You will always accompanied be professional instructors in the event any assistance is needed.


Cliff climbing sounds fun, doesn’t it? You can go ahead in the real cliffs or you can try the indoor ones first. In case of bad weather, it is always good to be indoor as that reduces the risk of injury.


There are two beautiful golf courses around Morzine. The golf courses are situated in a beautiful scenic set up. They give a view over the surrounding peaks of the Haut-Chablais and the Mont Blanc.

Horse Riding:

You never thought of horse riding at the French Alps? Here’s your chance to try your hands at horse riding by the mountains.


From Heli-skiing to cross-country skiing, if you are a ski lover, here’s where you should come for a fun holiday. It also has an option of Skijoring which is a historic mean of locomotion and was used long before skiing was introduced.

Nordic Walking:

A walk on the snow sounds tempting enough? Of course! Snowshoeing is something you will totally enjoy if you love snowy mountains. You are assured to experience a perfect hike.


Tignes is another beautiful destination for adventure sports. This place offers skiing throughout the year because of the Grande Motte Glacier. Summer is not for relaxing here at Tignes. Here are a few adventures and fun holidaying opportunities for summer as well as winter.


The newest way to sledge, snow tubing is the easiest way to sledge with minimal effort. It is perfect for the kids and the minimum age is three years.

Dog sledging:

Going to the Alps and not going Dog sledging could be a great experience to be missed. Tignes offers a beautiful dog sledging experience amidst the snow.


At Tignes, you will find a designated bike park for biking so that you can easily spice up your holiday. This is mainly a summer sport and is perfect for spending quality time with the family


There are many trails and hiking options which is again most suitable for a summer visit. The beautiful scenic beauty of the region makes the experience even more beautiful


Val d’Isere has to be one of the most beautiful French ski resorts, nestled in a valley at the foot of the mountains. It is mostly perfect for winter vacation as Val-d’Isere have a record of exceptional snowfall. The snow coverage tends to be one of the best in Europe and conditions normally facilitate good skiing right to the end of the season at the beginning of May.


Skiing is the main adventure sport at Val-d’Isere. Within Val d’Isere’s ski area there are over 140km of marked, piste runs, with around 16 green pistes, 29 blues, 23 reds and 8 blacks, with one snow park and 42 lifts, and unlimited off-piste skiing.

Mountain biking:

Another popular activity at the Val-d’Isere. You can explore a number of trails and trek routes connecting Tignes and Val-d’Isere. Remember to pack your biking gears if you love riding your bike on mountain tracks.


Kayaking by the river is yet another adventure sport you would enjoy with your family. Canoe rafts are an unsinkable, stable type of inflatable canoe that allows you, without too much technique to profit fully from the joys and fun of whitewater river descent. The course which you take is chosen according to the water levels and experience of the participants.


Val d’Isere offers challenging mountain roads for cycling while enjoying the stunning scenery of the mighty mountains. The roads around Val d’Isere are the setting for some of the most gruelling sections of the Tour de France. Fitness is the key to gain most of the cycling routes in and around Val d’Isere.

Les Gets

A breathtaking destination at the French Alps, the charming Les Gets has a lot to offer to the one who comes for holidaying here. For a family adventure vacation, here is what Les Gets has to offer


Paragliding unleashes the beauty of Les Gates to a different level. From the Mont-Blanc range to the Portes du Soleil summits, including the “Pointe Percée, the paragliding offers an unforgettable view along with the panoramic view from the top of Mont Cherry. The whole involvement is unparalleled to any other paragliding experience.

Mountain Biking Paradise:

Though mountain biking is quite a known affair, but by the Alps? Yes, Les Gets offers a perfect Mountain biking experience and is said to be one of the best mountain biking sites in the entire Alps region.


Yooner descent is a fun activity at the Les Gets, even though the slip on the trail is easy but it requires tips before departure. Yooner leaves a surprising experience. The seat is light and is equipped with a shock absorber for more comfort, along with a skate allowing you to “cut curves” like in ski.

All the four places, Morzine, Tignes, Les Gets and Val-d’Isere, have many fun activities to offer to the visitors. Be it summer or spring or autumn or winter, the beautiful French Alps are vibrant and youthful throughout the year with a number of fun and adventure activities. From water sports to mountain biking, skiing to hiking, these places have a lot in store for you. Even the for those more interested in a leisurely time by the pool or pub hopping, these places are your ultimate destination for the perfect time with your family.