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4 Reasons to Visit Oklahoma City

From its cowboy culture to the art installations and statues around the city, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is full of hidden treasures. Visitors are often surprised by how warm and homey the city is. The next time you want to feel at home in a new place, think about jaunting over to Oklahoma City.

It’s Big But Small

Image via Flickr by rutlo

Who doesn’t love a big little town? Large cities are often intimidating even to seasoned travelers, and Oklahoma City sprawls. In terms of landmass, it’s one of the physically largest cities in the country. However, you won’t feel like a small fish in an enormous pond.

The locals are a welcoming bunch, and most of the highlights you’ll want to visit are downtown in several neighborhoods within walking distance of each other. Unlike many major cities, choking traffic isn’t a problem here and you won’t have to fight for parking.

The Food Is a Mouthwatering Surprise

Oklahoma City has officially joined the ranks of large cities giving into the food movement — the farm-to-table trend that focuses on setting the scene and putting as much focus on creating ambiance as it does on serving fresh food.

The scene in Oklahoma City easily holds its own against places such as Boston or Nashville. From diners and greasy spoons to local favorites and fine dining options, it’s as if the chefs and restaurant owners in Oklahoma City decided to do their best to please every palate that comes through the city.

Oklahoma City Accommodations Spoil Guests With Amenities

The locals genuinely enjoy sharing their city with visitors. Moreover, they embrace Oklahoma City’s growing tourism industry. Search for Oklahoma City hotels with Hotel Planner, for example, and you’ll find something for every type of traveler.

Are you bringing a pet? No problem. Do you need a room with a view of the cityscape? Name the floor that you’d like. You can secure a hotel near the attractions you’re most excited to see, or you can venture outside of the city limits for a haven away from the hustle and bustle. The city’s boutique hotels are worth a look, too.

An Urban Jungle Hides in the City

Image via Flickr by riveraa8

Myriad Botanical Gardens covers more than 15 acres of lush greenery in the center of the city. You have to see it to believe it: Spend time in the gardens to understand how wondrous it is. Every major city deserves a gigantic garden in the middle of its downtown.

These botanical gardens are like a small town in their own right. Not only can you find ornamental gardens and parks designed for children, dogs, and general use, but you’ll also discover splashing fountains, walking paths, and a lake. It’s also home to the Crystal Bridge Conservatory,  a place where you can explore desert and tropical plants. Spend some time on the sky bridge to see everything from a stunning vantage point.

Oklahoma City isn’t geographically Southern, but a certain genteel hospitality encapsulates the entire city. Have you ever thought of visiting Oklahoma City?