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5 Backpacker Advantages to Getting out of the Big City

There’s no doubt that when you’ve just flown into a big city, you will want to explore all of its many renowned sights and sounds. However, there is a gradual trend these days towards backpackers leaving the cityscape behind and heading out to smaller towns and cities on their journeys.

Why is this so? Here are five reasons to persuade you why you should consider leaving the big city on your next backpacking trip!


11242_824715052841_1697081_nYou won’t feel like you’re being trodden on

Escaping out of the big city is often likened to taking a big breath of fresh air. One simple reason why this is so is because being in the big city can be literally very stifling – with people in front and behind you constantly bustling to make it to their next business meeting or the next stop on their itinerary. Once you’re out of the big city, you can enjoy the new sights and sounds in your own company, without having to queue in long lines or feeling pushed everywhere you go.


The traffic is much, much better

One big advantage with getting out of the big city is that you can (generally) experience much, much smoother traffic. No more getting stuck into a stuffy bus in peak-hour traffic – think coasting down endless highways and minimal traffic lights. This in turn means that you can see and experience more, which is ultimately what you want on your backpacking trip. Say goodbye to sounds of honking and sirens, and hello to the real backpacking experience!


You can find a cheaper place to rest your head

It is most certainly cheaper to find a place to stay in Ballarat, Bendigo, or Castlemaine rather than the Melbourne CBD. Substitute the former for virtually any small(er) town and you will find it’s a similar story. Sure you might not be living in luxury as you would in Mernda Villages or a piece of property from Craigieburn land sales, but for a much more decent price, you can rest your head in a quaint inn or hotel and save your money for more important purposes!


You’ll save on just about everything else too

It’s not just accommodation that’s cheaper when you’re out in the countryside. Fuel costs are generally lower (until you get out into the middle of nowhere), food is more affordable, and you won’t find yourself paying $15 for a beer either. Not only that, but if you’re a foodie at heart, getting out of the big city and into the regional areas can prove a gold mine in terms of fresh food and seasonal flavours at a reasonable price. Enjoy!


It’s the people, the people, the people

Now we’re not simply trying to reinforce an unfair stereotype, but the less rushed pace of life outside the big city can mean that people are generally more forbearing. This is reflective if you happen to be paying at the counter of a grocery store and can’t find that last $1 or 50c. The shop assistant, with less customers in a day than a city store would see in an hour, is likely more willing to have a chat or even give some directions about where you should go next. It’s a winning formula all around!


Author bio: Katie Mahan is a university student and freelance writer who is interested in travel and real estate.