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5 Different Types Of Travel

Travelling is perhaps one of the best things that one can do in life. Seeing new places, enriching one’s life with new experiences and learning so many different things – now that is worth living for. The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries and is full of service providers promising some great deals and great destinations. All one has to do is to decide on which place to visit, figure out a budget and then go for it. Travel is not just about seeing new places, there is also the immense empowerment it brings to an individual. Was it not Mark Twain who rightly said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness?” Well, then keeping an open mind can also give a traveller several different options and types of travel.


Air Travel

This mode of travel is certainly one of the most popular and convenient ways of getting around to one’s destination. Even better is to choose from a veritable cornucopia of low cost airlines that make getting to the most remote destination easy and great fun. What better way to enjoy a holiday than by saving on the airfare and then using that extra money to go shopping or buy more souvenirs or even stay in a better hotel!

Home Exchange Programs

The Internet is full of people who are willing to swap homes for a holiday. So for instance, if one wants to travel to the UK from Paris for a holiday, then all one has to do is to find out someone from the UK, who wants to come to Paris for a holiday. They can then come stay in the Paris home and the French family goes and stays in the UK home. Simple, isn’t it? This also means access to all the amenities and facilities of a home, and absolutely no expenses other than the travel fare.

Experiment with Different Vehicles

After having reached a holiday destination, it is great fun to experiment with the local modes of travel. For instance, a country like India is famous for its carts drawn by a range of animals – horses, camels and bullocks, to name a few. Hop on one of them and enjoy the out-of-the-world experience of such a ride. Perhaps, one could even think of riding a hot air balloon in some other part of the world!

Caravans and Campers

There is something extremely comforting, cosy and exciting – all at the same time when one travels by road in a camper or caravan. Imagine being able to pull to one side whenever needed to walk back into one’s temporary home and relax for a bit before setting course again. Many countries across the world also have well-defined and maintained caravan or camper parks, which can offer a traveller all sorts of comforts and luxuries as well.

Become an Entertainer

Now this might sound just a little odd until it is put in perspective. Cruise ships are constantly looking for people to provide entertainment to their guests. So, if having some kind of unusual talent means that one can enlist for a cruise ship tour of the world – be the source of entertainment and see the world as well. It can be a lucrative deal too for one who gets to travel and make money doing something they love!

So, whether it is choosing low cost airlines or staying in someone else’s house, there are plenty of different ways to or types of travel that can make the world an even better and affordable place to explore.