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5 Experiences that should be on your Bucket List

To have a bucket list or not to have a bucket list? It’s a purely personal choice but if you were to have one, here are some experiences you should definitely think about trying. People are passionate about different things; one person’s deepest desire could make another person cringe. Life should be filled with experiences, so why not try some out?


Maybe it’s time to overcome your fear of heights and take the plunge literally! Have you ever watched the skydivers breaking through the plump clouds and spiralling downwards until their feet touch the earth? Have you ever wished you had the courage and daring to just do it? If so, put this on your bucket list and take the jump!

Take a Music Cruise

This is a popular type of ship cruise worldwide. Have you ever had an undying rock crush on someone from the music industry or are you a devoted country music fan? Fans of all music are well catered for with disco cruises, soul cruises, rock and 50s cruises. You get all the comforts and luxury that come with cruise ships, but have the bonus of listening to your fave bands whilst on board.

Go on an African Safari

Seeing the big five is essential to many people. Africa can draw you in with its culture, its unique animals and the diversity of this incredible country. From wide open savannahs to getting up close to elephants, lions and rhinos in their natural habitat, an African safari will leave an indelible imprint on your soul.

Swim with the dolphins or whales

If you are passionate about our amazing sea life, going eye to eye with a magnificent whale or dolphin may be a life changing experience. There are theme parks where you can swim with the dolphins but why not try swimming with the gorgeous Beluga whales in Canada or entering the water with the gentle giants of the ocean, the humpback whales, in Samoa. You can also try snorkelling with the even more gentle whale sharks off the coast of Western Australia. Your life will never be the same.

See the Seven New Wonders of the World

Many manmade monuments have been standing for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, human wars and natural disasters have taken its toll on many magnificent structures. There are seven new wonders which should be included on every bucket list; The Taj Mahal in India; Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico; the magnificent Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the Colosseum in Rome, Italy; the Great Wall of China; Machu Picchu in Cuzco Region in Peru and Petra in Jordan.

Your bucket list may include travel, stomach churning adrenaline experiences, or volunteer charitable work. Whatever is important to you, factor in that extra time to do it! You may wish to simply get a tattoo, purchase that ultra luxe item, climb a mountain or write a book. Do some research, check out their website and make your bucket list a reality.

Kim Blair