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Why Barcelona is an Amazing City

You’ve been saving for months – years even. You need to get away somewhere but you don’t know where. You want adventure, fun and the chance to see something different. You deserve a great time, don’t you? If this sounds like your current situation, there is a great destination out there for you that will exceed all of your travel expectations.

That city, is Barcelona.

Located in the country of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is fabulous locale to escape to regardless of who you are or what point in your life you are at. Simply put, Barcelona is a destination worth using a cash ISA to save up for and spend on because even if you’ve been there before, it never stops being a great time. Here’s why:


The Weather

Being on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a warm weather destination that is perfect for anyone looking to escape the cold and all that goes with it. Sure, Barcelona has it’s bad weather like any other location but more often than not, it’s a pretty solid bet when it comes to great weather. Make the sun your friend!


The Beaches

Along with the weather comes the beaches, which are such an important part of the Barcelona experience. Most cities that have beaches require you to travel a ways outside of the city to use them, they aren’t much to look at or they aren’t recommended for swimming. Not so in Barcelona, which has many to choose from and are very close to the rest of the cities attractions.


The Landmarks

Speaking of attractions, Barcelona is home to fabulous historical sites and beautiful buildings that appeal to all travellers. Check out the architecture of Gaudi, the famed Catalan architect responsible for Park Guell and the still unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral. There are buildings dating back to the Roman days, the fantastic markets and shopping of Las Ramblas and of course, the Mediterranean itself.


The Food

Spain doesn’t get enough credit for it’s food and Barcelona has fantastic dishes and a culinary flare all its own. Thanks to being a seaside destination, you can expect sensational fish dishes that are caught locally and daily, Spanish tapas (small appetizer like meals) and many other delicacies that can be had at virtually any establishment.


The Atmosphere

Laid back and virtually worry free is the general attitude of the people in Barcelona, and you can expect to enjoy that throughout your stay. The people are friendly and helpful in virtually all districts of the city and the nightlife never seems to stop, regardless of age group. There are few cities that can claim to have that indefinable quality that makes them special, but you can be sure that Barcelona is one of them.


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