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Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide

Set against the pictorial backdrop of 3 imposing volcanoes in the central highlands of Guatemala, the gorgeous, old colonial city of Antigua is one of the country’s top holidaymaker destinations. Once the noble capital of the Spanish Empire in Central America, Antigua was severely broken throughout a serious earthquake in 1773, causing the city to lose its sovereignty to what is now modern-day Guatemala City. Yet, Antigua still retains an excellent assortment of well-preserved Spanish architecture, which furnishes with a fascinating and romantic atmosphere.This Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide helps you to get around the place easily.

GuatemalaA major center for learning the Spanish language as well as a preferred base for exploring different parts of Guatemala, Antigua provides a plethora of spectacular sights and activities. Just a simple stroll through town center awards views of spectacular architecture, historic churches and prominent landmarks just like the Santa Catalina Arch. The heart of the city is Central Park, a large green space with trees, walking paths, monuments and fountains, where people can relax or hire taxis to get around the city. A must-do is wander off within the city’s huge market market with its maze of tropical fruit stalls and flowers. Museums and art galleries showcase Antigua’s history, culture and art, whereas the Hill of the Cross presents wide views of town. Just outside Antigua, tourists will hike up the volcanoes or jump on a bus to tour coffee farms, cacao plantations and ancient villages.

Enjoy the trip with Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide!

Image by archer10,Francisco Anzola Under Creative Common License.