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Arenal Volcano Travel Guide

Soaring high in an perfectly symmetrical shape over the green hills and pastures of Costa Rica’s northern lowlands, Arenal Volcano is one amongst the country’s most well-liked traveller destinations. Until the past few years, Arenal was the foremost active volcano in Costa Rica, and it’s frequent, small explosions once provided unbelievable shows of spewing spewing lava. However, in 2010, Arenal’s cycle entered into a resting phase, putting an indeterminate pause on the eruptions. Nevertheless, the area surrounding Arenal still offers plenty of outstanding sights and exciting activities.This Arenal Volcano Travel Guide helps you to get around the place easily.

wallygromThe area encompassing Arenal Volcano, together with the dormant Chato volcano, is protected by the Arenal Volcano park. Within the park are picturesque landscapes of lakes, rivers, mountains and rainforests all providing adventures like fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, canopy tours, caving and falls rappelling.Nature and wildlife enthusiasts can find the Arenal Volcano area a paradise with its several species of exotic flowers, mammals like howler monkeys, deer and jaguar, and birds like parrots and resplendent quetzals. What’s more, due to Arenal’s geothermal activity,tourists have the chance to luxuriate in an exceedingly range of hot springs move in each vogue and budget, and every one with lovely views of the volcano. There are also several resorts in the area offering accommodation and tour operations.

The small town of La Fortuna de San Carlos is the gateway to the Arenal Volcano. It easily reached by bus from San Jose.

Enjoy the trip with Arenal Volcano Travel Guide!

Image by wallygrom,mindfeed Under Creative Common License.