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Beaches for Backpackers in Africa

Africa is an incredible continent with thousands of breathtakingly stunning beaches. A number of these are additional stunning than others and a few are additional welcoming to backpackers. From pristine white sand beaches to rugged rocky stretches of shore, there are beaches for each style and interest. The shorelines of continent are a number of the foremost superb places within the world. Check out the list of top best beaches for backpackers and choose the foremost fantastic one.

Anse Soleil, Seychelles

Situated close to Mahe, Anse Soleil could be a romantic beach with clear blue waters that invite guests to dive in. It’s a quiet place wherever backpackers will relax and revel in the sun. A small cafe on the beach is that the excellent place to urge some food and drink. It’s an excellent budget-friendly beach for swimming and snorkeling as well as yoga and meditation.Anse Soleil

Diani Beach, Kenya

20 kilometers of beautiful, white sand make Diani Beach one of the best options for travelers in Kenya. There is a coral reef just off the beach which prevents seaweed from washing up on the sand. The area is known for kite surfing and lessons are available at the beach. There are some budget-friendly hotels and cheap yet delicious food.

Ifaty, Madagascar

For backpackers seeking a quiet, hidden gem, Ifaty is a good destination. Located on the southwest side of Madagascar, the beach is part of a fishing village. The area is replete with coral reefs. Snorkeling and whale spotting are two favorite activities in Ifaty. Once you visit this place, it will become your favorite forever, I promise!

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast has earned its name. Countless ships have run aground when fog blocks views of the shallow, rocky waters off the shore. The beach here is rugged and wild looking, with plenty of rocks, but it is also incredibly beautiful. If you are eager to see crumbling shipwrecks and whale bones, the Skeleton Coast is right for you.Skeleton Coast

Coffee Bay, South Africa

Coffee Bay is found on the Wild Coast of South Africa and lives up to its name. The beach is at the base of cliffs that drop sharply to the Indian Ocean, leaving a little space to enjoy when the tide is out. The water here is active and not suitable for swimming, but it is one of the more beautiful beaches in the area. The nearby Hole in the Wall is an interesting rock formation that visitors should check out.

Image By jmhullot,Sergio Conti,jonrawlinson Under Creative Common License.