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Best Destinations in Spain Part 2

First and foremost people visit Spain in order to see its most storied cities Barcelona and Madrid. Though just seeing these cities could be single vacations on their own, they only tell part of the story of Spain. There are other cities that are uniquely Spanish highlighting the nation’s mixture between Moor and Roman conquest in centuries past. The following list will show some of the places that if you have time would make worthwhile trips away from Barcelona and Madrid.


Romance pervades this city situated on the river Guadalquivir. Home of the world’s purported greatest lover Don Juan the cities winding streets emanate a feeling of romantic allure and ambiance. Enjoy the varied and countless bars, tapas restaurants and cafe of Santa Cruz and the Plaza Alfalfa. Be sure in your stay to climb the Giralda tower for a spectacular view over the city. Take in the Alcazar a beautiful Moorish castle built here that also took in parts of Christian influence in an intriguing fusion of design.  Dating back to the 15th century Seville Cathedral, the third largest religious building of its kind, is not to be missed.

A fantastic city south of Madrid that is in effect a fusion of Moorish and Christian history. The iconic Alhambra is a Moorish castle built on a hill top overlooking the city that show cases an architectural style not seen anywhere else in Europe. Alhambra tours are a required visit, as are the cities marketplace and the Cathedral. Lose yourself in Granada’s Moorish old quarter with its twisting labyrinthine of side streets and diversions. Granada for all its historical fervor is also known for a thriving nightlife so be sure to save energy to wander out into the evenings diversions.

Though Valencia’s old town has impressive architecture from a time gone by the city is also well known for many of its modern touches. Perhaps after seeing the many storied and historic cities and monuments that dot Spain a trip to the City of Arts and Sciences complex will be a welcome change. This futuristic complex of museums, cinemas, and theatres draws Spanish locals and tourists alike.  While in the city try some of local cuisine with a hearty serving of Paella a regional dish.

With four miles of golden beaches this city is a perfect area to connect with the Mediterranean sea. Stroll along Benidorm’s promenade and bask in its seaside charms of this the heart of Costa Blanca. Once a fishing town, the old city centre still wows with its blue-domed 18th century church and picturesque alleyways. If you wander out from town you will be rewarded with the scenic Canfali hills and the nearby rock coves. End a day of city and country side sightseeing with a feast of local seafood.

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