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Best Places in Greece

Ancient Olympia

Nearly 3 thousand years have passed since this space held the first Olympic games within the shadow of the stately Mount Kronos, a tribute to the god, Zeus. The remains of temples honoring each Zeus and Here will be found here, their sleek columns providing a picturesque ruin where you’ll wander freely. The flame for the trendy Olympic Games remains lit before of the Temple of Hera. The centerpiece of the location is that the 200-meter (650 feet) track of the stadium itself, entered by way of a long arched tunnel. The vast sanctuary complex built to house competitors thousands of years ago has yielded a wealth of artifacts, exhibited in the on-site Olympia Archaeological Museum.

Blue Cruise


Dramatic cliffs plunge straight down into the Aegean, highlighting the beauty of this ancient stone village connected to mainland Peloponnese by a causeway. People have lived here for at least a thousand years, with many of the medieval buildings drawing visitors with their picturesque simplicity. The rocky outcrop provided protection for the village during invasion and today offers dramatic photo opportunities. The ocean takes center stage on this tiny island, and you can enjoy a range of water sports including scuba diving, sea kayaking and snorkeling.


Poised on the coast and long far-famed as a port town, this historic city commands sweeping ocean views similarly as providing a beautiful glimpse into Modern Greek village life with its quaint city squares, sidewalk cafes, charming wrought-iron embellished homes and atmospheric, 400-year-old Palamidi Fortress. If you’re a history buff, the historic Venetian Headquarters building off Syntagma Square houses the city’s archaeological museum, with a range of exhibits recalling the city’s Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman influences. Guests in would like of relaxation will head down to Karathona Beach, a sheltered, sandy beach with pleasant views.

Simos Beach

The small island of Elafoniso, hosts Simos Beach, typically hailed by locals as the best beach in the Peloponnese. The clear water reflecting an aquamarine sky frames the fine, sandy beach providing quaint wicker sun parasols and lolling chairs at Simos. Depending on the time of year you visit Greece, a visit to the sea-coast, with its cool breezes and refreshing water temperatures, provides the right antidote to the warm inland sunshine. The protected bay is popular kayak enthusiasts, and therefore the light, clear waves prove attractive for swimmers and snorkelers alike. There are toilets and showers for public use, and each a market and a pizza shop give snacks for hungry beach-goers.