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Best Spots in Aurangabad

Aurangabad offers you clear insight into the glories of the past and also the effects of wars yet. The cultural heritage and also the architectural excellence of the first days and also the centuries recent monuments are one thing that continues to be in your memory forever. You may love the traveler places of Aurangabad for the gorgeous landscapes and also the show of excellence in numerous art forms.

Ghrishneshwar Temple

Ghrishneshwar Temple belongs to eighteenth century. it’s simply half a kilo meter from Ellora Caves. The marvelous design is awing although you can’t hope to as certain the entire ancient architecture here owing to the damage caused by Aurangazeb. A peaceful place and it’s frequented by tourists, because it is one in every of the twelve Shiva temples.


The place could be a holy shrine for Muslims. It’s an exquisite place enclosed by mountains and it offers scenic read. The town walls made by Aurangazeb were ruined and you may see ruins of ancient buildings. The Tombs of Aurangazeb, Khan Jahan’s Lal Bagh and numerous alternative Tombs are found here

Pitalkhora Caves

You will love the location of Pitalkhora Caves. they’re set within the most picturesque setting beneath the vale. It consists of fourteen Buddhist Caves. they’re classified into 2 sets with the primary cluster consisting of ten caves and also the second cluster consisting of four caves. You’ll be able to realize traces of wonderful paintings here. The design and sculpture are on the far side words.


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