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Ambergris Caye Travel Guide

The largest of Belize’s many hundred islands, Ambergris Caye could be a dreamy, tropical place wherever shorts and flip-flops are the dress code, golf carts are the mode of transportation, and lazing away on sandy white beaches is the primary activity. A short plane flight or ferry ride from Belize City, Ambergris Caye is one […]

Hvalsey Travel Guide

Visitors to island, a large island found in the North Atlantic, encounter a mixture of Inuit and Norse history similarly as a view of nature rarely seen. It’s dotted with tiny villages and few roads. Hvalsey (also called Whale Island), is found close to Qaqortoq, the most important city in southern island. It is in […]

Amazing Mud Brick Buildings

Mud, considered a nuisance in several areas of the globe, has been considered to be a chief building in different areas of the world. Clay soil is found in abundance on this planet, providing its inhabitants with sturdy homes. The remarkable thing about mud brick structures is their durability, with some mud brick buildings lasting […]

Tikal Travel Guide

Located in the tropical rainforest of the Peten province in northern Guatemala, Tikal was one amongst the most important cities of the traditional Mayan civilization throughout its Classic period, that ran from around 200 A.D. to 850 A.D. Archaeologists estimate that, at its peak, Tikal’s population ranged from 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants. It absolutely was […]

Spectacular and Affordable Destinations for Student Holidays

Young passionate hearts of scholars continually long for new impressions and experiences, they need to travel all around the world, learn totally different cultures and obtain accustomed to all the wonders of our world. However sadly young people have some financial pressures and therefore the dreams stay solely dreams. I’m going to describe you a […]

Planning a Visit to Turkey?

Are you planning a visit to Turkey, however you aren’t sure what you’ll do together with your time? luckily, this country is ripe with history, making it a unique and exciting region to go to. Find out about some of the best attractions in Turkey and begin planning your adventure today. Pamukkale Thermal Pools The […]

Top Beaches for Backpackers in Africa

Anyone coming up with on packing through Africa ought to add at least one of these amazing beaches to their itinerary. A little time by the sea makes it a lot of easier to go into the jungle or desert once more. Africa boasts a good range of budget-friendly packing destinations. It’s simple and low […]

Beaches for Backpackers in Africa

Africa is an incredible continent with thousands of breathtakingly stunning beaches. A number of these are additional stunning than others and a few are additional welcoming to backpackers. From pristine white sand beaches to rugged rocky stretches of shore, there are beaches for each style and interest. The shorelines of continent are a number of […]

Places to Enjoy

Plaza de Mayo Starting from the 1810 revolution that led to independence, the Plaza de Mayo has been a focal point of political life in Argentina. Several of the city’s major landmarks are located around the Plaza including the Cabildo; the city council during the colonial era. Located in the center of the Plaza de […]

More Reasons Travelling in Groups Can be Great

Group travel is often looked down upon by travelers as a cop out and a way to remove personal agency from travel. It doesn’t have to be that way though as sometimes a really authentic, and perhaps more authentic experience, can be taken from traveling in a group. Group travel provides the opportunity to go […]