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Cruise the World and Get Paid

Anyone who has a sense of adventure and who loves the sea can travel the world for free.  That is, if you have some kind of skill to offer on a cruise ship.  These skills can range from waiting tables (silver service) to bar work, singing and other forms of entertainment, chamber staff (changing beds, towels and replenishing bathroom items), lifeguard, childcare provider – and the list goes on.boat

Working aboard a cruise ship can get you to lots of worldwide destinations and the good thing is, you will be working so you will not spend all of your time in the casino!  It is possible to have a brilliant experience travelling the globe in this way and to save your money – staff meals are usually free or heavily discounted.  So if you do not mind working hard, this may be the opportunity you have been looking for.  All you need to do is apply to several of the cruise companies – most of them have many vacancies due to some people only wanting to stay for a season or a year, so work is not too hard to find.  Although you will be expected to work very hard, your days off are your own to explore the various ports the ship is destined for.

It is also a marvellous way to get social and make friends from places you have not visited, so future budget holidays become a possibility.  Think of all the skills and talents you have to offer and you are bound to find at least one that will get you on board.  Not all liners ask for formal qualifications, as this will bump up the wage they have to give you.  Of course, there are some positions that do require a degree or other qualification:  ship doctor, croupier, head chef!  However, if you are good with children or have experience in that field, tell them.  If you have bar experience