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Cruises vs. All Inclusive Resorts

Thinking about cruise vacation or an all-inclusive resort stay? Are you torn with what accommodation would bring the best value for your money and what choice will give you a more meaningful trip? Both are great options that can bring fun and excitement. As cruises are not for everyone nor are all-inclusive resorts, knowing what you want for a vacation is the very first step to choosing the right one for you. Here are insights to help you decide whether to choose land-based resorts or a Caribbean cruise for your unwinding moments.ship

Cruises bring you to the hottest destinations and give you an ample of time to stay docked at the port to explore the local area and feel the vibe of the place. Feeling the gentle rhythm of the waves as you walk along the deck of the grand cruise vessel, you’ll never even realize that you are already heading to the next port of call. With the amenities and friendly attendants whose role is to make sure you stay completely happy, relaxed and stress-free, you will surely be enjoying your stay and will be back for more.

With a good combination of activities and relaxation such as onboard dining to four or five star restaurants or themed venue in the cruise ship, your dining experience will certainly be an exceptional one. If you feel like engaging into sports, cruise ships will also pump you up with their fun activities such as wall climbing, miniature golf, sports courts, bowling surfing and even kids’ clubs. On cruise, you’ll also get to mingle with people from all over the world. Note that alcoholic beverages and sodas are not included in the price list and you might be paying more than what you expect for shore excursions, beverages and gratuities.

While cruise ships lets you experience different locations all in one trip, resorts allow you to fully experience a location within longer hours and try out different excursions to local tourist attractions. You can even try to dine in with the local cuisines more often than once or twice, visit historical sites and museums, meet some locals and shop over the course of your stay. If you go for really fun activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, snorkeling, beach volleys and surfing, all-inclusive resort may be a good fit for you. With the warmth of the breeze under a palm tree and the spacious pools that you can’t get enough with, resorts will make you feel extremely relaxed and pampered. With that being said, all-inclusive resorts are backed up with higher prices compared to cruise ships.

Both cruise and land-based resorts have properties that offer different set of included amenities and as a traveler, you should be aware of that. As cruise lines offer packages for as low as $300 to $600 per person, they can surely save with a sea vacation but also note that payments will also be higher depending on the accommodations and services used. This also applies to all-inclusive resorts with a package of as high as $1,100 per person.

With all these, you just have to know what kind of vacationer you are and book for what will bring you a more meaningful and enjoyable stay. Do online research, for more insight on land-based resort hotels or cruises to places such as Sweden, Norway, or the Caribbean.