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Is a Destination Disney Wedding Right For You?

Destination weddings are all the rage right now. They are great for the bride and groom, because they can combine the honeymoon and the actual ceremony. Plus, they are an easy way to reduce those skyrocketing wedding costs! While some couples dream of going to Mexico or somewhere nice and hot, others dream of a destination wedding that is a little more…unique. Have you ever dreamed of having a destination Disney wedding? To find out if it’s right for you, keep reading.


How romantic…

To start with, let’s take a closer look at what a destination Disney wedding actually is. These weddings take place at a Disney park – either in Disneyland or in Disney World. The wedding itself can take place at one of a few different locations. For instance, you can tie the knot in the Wedding Pavilion, a Theme Park Location (not including the Magic Kingdom, sadly!), or another outdoor location somewhere on the property.  You can choose any of these spots to find the perfect place for your union.

While this destination wedding location is a little bit different that some of the others, you can still experience warm weather and a get away. Think about it this way: there are Disney parks, beaches, water parks, great restaurants and more for you and your wedding guests to experience after the ceremony is over. There is certainly more on offer than your typical resort wedding! With a little Disney magic, it may be the wedding of your dreams.

Making Your Decision

Deciding whether or not a Disney wedding is right for you isn’t easy. Why? You need to consider what both you and your future spouse will want. That’s right – you may love absolutely everything about Disney…but if your fiancé doesn’t feel the same, it’s not going to work. The day is about both of you, so you may have to compromise. In addition, you will need to consider how many wedding guests will actually be able to make the trip to Disney to see you get married. If you have spent your whole life dreaming about a big church wedding, then this probably isn’t going to work. However, if a smaller guest list is okay with you, then a Disney wedding could be a great fit. It all depends on what you need – and what you both want.

Think About Your Budget

Deciding whether or not a Disney wedding is right for you also means considering your budget. While the price range can vary based on a number of factors (the number of people attending the wedding, where you choose to get married, the wedding package you choose, and so on) – it can be costly. Your average Disney wedding will cost far more than a typical destination wedding would. For instance, having 18 guests at your Disney wedding will cost a minimum of $12, 000 US. So, you need to really think about if the additional costs will be worth it to you.

There is something special about Disney parks. They are full of attractions, special events, food, and fun. If you have been dreaming of making your destination wedding a magical one, then it’s time to ask yourself: Is a Disney wedding right for you? You may be surprised at your answer!