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Different Things to Do in Washington D.C.

wash-dome-obelisk-1A trip to Washington D.C. will afford visitors the opportunity to see a variety of different monuments that commemorate the nation while also indulging in the city’s varied neighbourhoods, swanky bars, and great restaurants. Originally constructed at the behest of George Washington to create a national capital, Washington has transformed into a great city to spend time to explore. Completing activities such as visiting the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial are simply a must. A few of the different things to do in Washington include:

Lincoln Memorial

There is something about the massive statue of Honest Abe Lincoln that draws many a tourist to his larger than life feet. Lovers of history will be fascinated by his two famous speeches – the Gettysburg Address and his second inaugural speech etched into the memorials opposing walls. It is free to visit the Lincoln Memorial and it is available to see 24 hours per day. Many say that the best, and less crowded time, to see the memorial is after dark as the always lit statue of Lincoln is more spectacular then.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

One of the most moving monuments in Washington is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is commonly referred to simply as “the wall.” This long, black granite wall has etched on it the names of the 58,000 Americans that lost their lives during the Vietnam conflict. Other travelers have mentioned that one of the most moving elements of the wall is the humanity that surrounds it. Cards and flowers are continually placed at the wall to commemorate loved ones who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. It is possible to visit the Vietnam Memorial 24 hours a day though it is only staffed up until midnight.

National Gallery of Art 

401 Constitution Avenue Northwest | Washington

Lovers of art should make a stop at the National Gallery of Art. Separated into two buildings – the east building which houses modern art that includes the works of Rothko and Matisse, and the west building that has collected the work from older masters including the likes of Monet and Botticelli – the National Gallery can easily fill a full afternoon. It’s recommended to pace your self and soak the art in. Treat yourself to a coffee and lunch in the gallery’s café, which comes highly recommended. In the summer time Friday evenings treat visitors to the gallery to some jazz music in the sculpture gallery.