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Do’s and Don’ts in London (part 2)


With a city as big and diverse as London it definitely required a second serving of do’s and don’ts. While continuing along with places to go this section will also address one of the biggest issues people have with the city – its expense. There are ways to cut down on expenses while in the city and still have fun. More do’s and don’ts in London include.


Do Buy an Oyster Card

For the last several years every person in London has started carrying a blue card that is called an Oyster Card. You will have to stand in line at a tube station and ask for one, it will cost you about 5 pounds to get the actual card. The savings you will receive on each trip, within a day or two, will quickly offset the cost of the card. Buying day tickets, or worse yet single ride tickets, will kill any travel budget quick. Also, an Oyster card maxes out once it has reached the price of a day ticket.

Don’t spend all your time going out in Covenant Garden or near Trafalgar Square

Having dinner and drinks is a safe part of town near to Trafalgar Square like Covenant Garden is certainly recommended. It’s near to the West end theatres and you will be able to find interesting pubs all around. At the same time though do not forget about checking out edgier places like Soho to the North of Leister Square. Soho is a trendy spot in central London that is frequented by Londoners not just tourists. Also venture east to Bricklane and Shoreditch, if you are feeling like really seeing how London parties. These spots are the new hip places in an ever expanding and more gentrified east end of London.

Do walk around central London rather than take the tube

There are very few cities in the world that are as compact as London especially when you get to the centre. A great way to both save money on tube (oyster card expenses) tickets is just to walk when you are in the centre. For instance taking the tube from Leister Square to Charing Cross stops a ten minute walk through a picturesque interesting part of the city. The same is true again and again for going in-between locations in the centre, it just isn’t that far. With a map you can really start getting your bearings, using the river Thames as a reference point, quickly. Coming from the underground each time may be easy for navigating to a specific place right by the tube stop, but it gives you no holistic sense of where you are.

This is especially useful advice if you’ve already reserved a hotel online. It makes much more sense to do this before entering the city, so you ultimately have less to worry about during your trip. Why bother running around trying to get a hotel room when you can easily book a room online in mere moments, and from the comfort of your own home? It’s easy to go online and find a place to stay in downtown London. Thanks to the simplicity of travel websites, you can get a great room in no time.