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Do’s and Don’ts in London


London is one of the world’s most dynamic cities with such a variety of different things to see and do. With that in mind there are ways that you can miss out on having the most fun possible just because of a lack of knowledge. This blog is going to look to provide some ideas of things to do in order to get along with Londoners and how to best spend your time here.

Do explore away from Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham Palace…

The three places listed are surely the most renowned and revered locations in London, and they do require some attention but don’t spend too much time at just them as there is SO much more to do. A wander up to Oxford Street through the theatre district and Covenant Garden will provide you with so many people watching moments that looking at Big Ben may seem stale really fast.

Trafalgar Square_Maze_01[3]

Don’t just spend your time Shopping on Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus 

Oxford Street is London’s main shopping street and a pretty interesting place to walk along for the sheer volume of people pushing along its sidewalks, but at the same time there are other very fascinating buroughs to shop in. My suggestion is that no trip to London would be complete without a look at Camden Town and Camden Markets. These markets are somewhat the antithesis of high street shops with varied clothes, jewelry, and books in different outdoors markets. This is a great bastion of alternative and bohemian London. Also check out Portobello Market in Notinghill on Sundays.

Don’t go on the London Eye go to Primrose Hill instead

Though to be fair the London eye will probably provide slightly higher and more panoramic view of London going to Primrose Hill provides a great view over the city from the North as well as giving a chance to visit beautiful primrose Hill and the varied restaurants and pubs that are there. Just a stone’s throw from Camden Primrose Hill is like an oasis in the city and a place well worth a visit.

Don’t Stand ever stand on the Left on Escalators

One trip into London’s mammoth tube stations such as Waterloo or Victoria, particular during rush hours,  and you will see why this is the case. With escalators digging down hundreds of feet and thousands of people lined up on them the rule is hard and fast – stand on the right walk on the left. One person goes against this and the fragile peace amongst the commuters will be broken.