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Do’s and Don’ts in Paris (Part 2)


Paris is a city with so much intrigue and possibility for things to do that a little nudge in the right direction never hurts. There is legitimate magic to be found here with wonderful squares appearing from what seemed an alley to fantastic hill top panoramic views over the city. Paris is a place that it is hard not to like as attractions blend with an indelible Parisian style and way. This collection of do’s and don’ts will provide a few ways to connect better with the Parisians themselves and help you avoid a common traveler mistakes.

Do say this if you cannot speak French to French people– Desole, mon français n’est pas bon. Parlez-vous anglais?

Parisians and the French in general, get an unfair reputation for being aloof and rude. In my opinion a lot of this stems from not having loads of confidence speaking English rather than an inherent arrogance.  With that said though especially in Paris a lot of French can speak English. One method to get good treatment in Paris is to say the following rather than just coming straight at people with English. “Desole,  mon français n’est pas bon. Parlez-vous anglais? Which means – sorry, my French is not good. Do you speak English? By just saying this I personally was treated really well in Paris.

Don’t sit in the famous Cafes of Paris 


Though it definitely can be temping to have a cappuccino in the same spots that Jean Paul Sarte and Simone De Beauvoir did like Café de Flore or les Deux Magots don’t bother. Now a days the clientele isn’t world changing intellectuals – rather rich Parisians -and you will pay double the price of other cafes nearby and receive poor service. What’s recommended to get a comparable experience is choose a cafe across the street or nearby to the iconic French Cafes so you can still people watch them and get your latte for an actual reasonable price tag.

Don’t fly from Beauvais

With the plethora of cheap airlines, like Ryan Air and Easy Jet, offering low cost options to fly to European cities travelers sometimes feel like they have hit gold. However, Beauvais – as other similar airports dotting European major cities – can amount to fool’s gold for the traveler, the reason being that Beauvais actually is a 90 minute bus ride from Paris and is a completely different city. At a cost of 13 Euros per direction to Paris flying in or out of this airport quickly bites into the savings of the low cost ticket. Also, early morning flights can be a nightmare to get to and may involve a cab as travelers are not allowed to sleep inside Beauvais airport.