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Do’s and Don’ts in Paris


Paris is a city steeped in culture, art and style and with ample amounts of these attributes it is easy to see why it is the most popular tourist destination in the world. The magic that the city emanates is undeniable and is draw for anyone who succumbs to feelings of wonder, romance, and magic. With that said though in a city with so much to do there are ways to go wrong and waste some of your precious time and money. This blog will look to provide to you a few well thought out do’s and don’ts in the city of lights. 

Don’t take a Seine Dinner Cruise 


By all means take a Seine river cruise as it is an amazing way to see the city, but do not waste your money doing a dinner cruise which is grossly to expensive and the food really isn’t that spectacular. Do the math for yourself, a river cruise – where you are getting what you want, views over Paris – is 8 Euros while a dinner cruise usually costs more than 100 Euros. Enjoy the famous Paris cusine on dry land and enjoy better food and much better final cheque.

Don’t climb all the way to the Top of the Eiffel Tower 

Though the views a top the Eiffel Tower are spectacular the actual wait times to get up there leave a lot to be desired. If you aspire to get to the highest of views over Paris you will have to stand in 7 different queues at various ticket points, stairs, and elevators. By all means go check out the Eiffel Tower, but enjoy alternative views over the city too. One that I suggest is within the Montmartre district at the top of the steps of the Sacré Cœur. From there you can get an amazing view over Paris that is comparable to what you will get at the Eiffel tower.

Do Beat the Crowds to the Louvre

Instead of heading directly towards the Mona Lisa upon entering the Louvre as many people do. Head the opposite direction towards any of the other 35,000 masterpieces houses in this art gallery. The reality is that, though called the world’s greatest painting, the Mona Lisa is smaller than you think and perhaps not as impressive as you may have imagined it. Also it  is so crowded, at all times, that it is difficult to get a good look at it anyway. While looking at great art works around the Louvre don’t forget to explore the some of the fantastic museum like pieces such as Napoleon’s apartment or the magnificent Egyptian gallery.