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Easy Tricks to Avoid Fighting During Your Vacation

Here’s the thing about vacations: they’re great…until they aren’t anymore. Have you ever gotten to the last couple of days of your trip, only to snap at everyone you’re travelling with? It seems to happen just about every time. It doesn’t matter who your travel companions are – it is all a part of living in close quarters. Are you tired of the inevitable fights? Avoid them! Here are some easy ways to avoid fighting during your next trip.

Be Realistic

If you are serious about avoiding fights, then you need to be realistic. Understand that it is possible that someone you are travelling with is going to have a bad day. They may snap at you for no reason. They may be looking to pick a fight. Heck, you may be looking to pick a fight. The key is to understand that these things are going to happen. That way, instead of getting angry, you can try to avoid an unnecessary confrontation.

Don’t Do Absolutely Everything Together

If you’re going on a ten-day trip to Germany, you may assume that every moment should be spent together. That is the number one travel mistake! The reason that so many petty arguments happen during vacations is because you are around each other all day every day. What you need to maintain harmony is to get a little space every now and again, maybe even having some quality down time.

Some ideas? Take a trip to the hotel gift shop by yourself, wander the grounds, or go eat a meal alone. You likely could use the time to yourself to think and have some distance. That way, you will be less likely to get frustrated and upset. If you are travelling in a larger group – break it up. A few of you can go off and do one thing while the others do something else. The most important thing is to get some distance.

Don't be like these little buggers...

Don’t be like these little buggers…

Get Enough Sleep

The majority of fights happen because everyone is absolutely exhausted. Travelling can be tiring, especially if you just got off the airplane. In order to avoid fights, do your best to get enough sleep each night. Avoid over packing your schedule with activities. If you do, you’ll be worn out by lunchtime – and that can make you far more likely to get annoyed or irritated with other people. Getting enough sleep at night will give you the cool head that you need.

Do Your Best To Stay Calm

This may sound impossible, but it’s easier than you think. Try to stay calm. If the person you are travelling with wants to start a fight or yell at you, don’t rise to it. That will only make the situation worse. 9 times out of 10 it simply isn’t worth it to create a bigger problem, simply because you need a break from one another. Before you do anything, always ask yourself: Is it really worth it to react? When in doubt, stay silent…at least until you get home from your trip!

The next time you go somewhere, eliminate those annoying fights. Stay calm, be reasonable, and try to avoid being attached at the hip. It will improve every aspect of your vacation!