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Extreme Tourism Destinations: North Korea

Extreme tourism is that the latest trend in vacationing. Several tourists are tired of ancient vacation destinations are seeking thrills that your typical vacation location merely cannot provide.several of those places may be scary or even dangerous except for several travelers that’s a part of the attract. While there ar e varied places to expertise extreme tourism, this guide can go over one of the most remote and unknown, the East Asian nation of North Korea.

KoreaNorth Korea is one among the foremost closed and forbidden countries on the world. one among the last remaining Communist dictatorships, North Korea could be a totalitarian Police with very little to no freedom of data or movement. Any guests to North Korea ar esubject to monitoring during the entirety of their visit and don’t seem to be allowed to deviate from the official government tour in any manner below penalty of immediate deportation or perhaps imprisonment. Even known journalists don’t seem to be immune from prosecution, Laura Ling, a journalist with Current TV was imprisoned by the North Korean government for two months in 2009 for illegal entry into North Korea and were only released after intervention by former president Bill Clinton.

Enjoy the Extreme Tourism Destinations: North Korea and have fun!

Image by D-Stanley,(stephan) Under Creative Common License.