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Fascinating Cave Dwellings in the World

Cave dwellings are found in several regions of the planet. These caves served as dwellings and as places of worship and were typically combined with surface structures. After the cave cities ceased to be inhabited , the surface structures fell into ruin and solely the caves remained. Not all cave dwellings are deserted however. In certain areas of northern China cave dwellings are still common serving as the homes for more than 40 million people.


GuyajuSometimes known as the most important maze of China, Guyaju is an ancient cave house settled about 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Beijing No precise record of it’s ever been found, therefore nobody is aware of its actual origins. The house was hewn from the craggy cliffs dominating Zhangshanying city. The intriguing house complex has more than 110 stone rooms, and is the largest cave dwelling ever discovered in China.


Matmata may be a small village in southern Tunisia. Some of the native Berber residents live in traditional underground “troglodyte” dwellings. These cave dwellings are created by digging a large pit in the ground. Around the perimeter of this pit caves are then dug to be used as rooms. These homes were made famous by serving because the location of the house of Luke Skywalker and his aunt and uncle Lars. The building Sidi Driss was truly the Lars Homestead and is the must-stay location in Matmata for any Star Wars fanatics.


Bamiyan in central Afghanistan is famous for two gigantic statues of standing buddhas carved into the aspect of a cliff. Created in the 6th century, they were the world’s tallest standing sculpture of Buddha. The statues were destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001, on the grounds that they were an affront to Islam. The cave dwellings at the foot of the statues, which at one time housed thousand of monks, were utilized by Taliban for storing weapons. After the Taliban were driven from the region by American troops, civilians created their homes within the caves. Several of the caves have remains of painted frescos. In 2008 a nineteen meter (62 ft) reclining Buddha was discovered near the ruins of the Bamiyan buddhas.Bamiyan

Sassi di Matera

The Sassi di Matera (“stones of Matera”) are cave dwellings situated in the old town of Matera in southern Italy. The Sassi originate from a prehistoric settlement, and are among the first human settlements in Italy. Many of the houses, which are dug into the tufa rock, are really only caverns, and the streets in some parts of the Sassi often are located on the rooftops of other houses. In the 1950s, the government forcefully relocated most of the population of the Sassi to areas of the developing modern city. However, some people continued to live in the Sassi just as their ancestors of 9,000 years ago.

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