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Ferry Routes from the UK

The beauty of ferry travel is regardless of your itinerary, there is a route to where you want to go. In fact, many destinations worldwide aren’t connected by road (or if they are, it’s not convenient), like Juneau in Alaska or the small fishing villages on the Ligurian Coast in Italy. Your best bet to enjoy these destinations is by seeking out ferry routes and you may be surprised just what options are in store.

When it comes to travel from the United Kingdom, one of the most popular methods for getting around is by ferry – it is a series of islands after all. Up until relatively recently, the only way to get from mainland Europe to the UK was by boat and even today ferry travel still has a great place for travelers of all types and budgets. Many cities and towns in the UK have closed up their ports to trade in favour of going to a few major hubs, but are still active when it comes to ferries, making a ferry journey of the UK a special type of vacation in itself.

Here are a few ferry routes to consider when planning your next city break from the UK or if you are looking to vacation to the UK and want to try something different. You won’t be disappointed!


Scotland to Northern Ireland

Contrary to an unfortunate misconception, Scotland and Ireland do not border each other but are instead separated by a stretch of water best traversed by a ferry. Getting from Scotland to Northern Ireland, a part of the UK and not of the Republic of Ireland is a cinch from Cairnryan, with many ferry crossings available. In around six hours, you can be in the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast and enjoying the rugged country for all that it has to offer.


England to Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is one of those fascinating places that many people never visit but those who do never forget, with a rich history and distinct way of life from the United Kingdom as a whole. Taking a ferry from the popular English hub of Liverpool to the Isle of Man is a snap, taking roughly 4 ¼ hours.


Wales to Ireland

Wales is not a large country but it is home to a fair number of ferry ports with a fair number of destinations to check out. Many of them are to places within the UK itself, but one in particular takes you to the green jewel of the north Atlantic – Ireland. With two crossings per day, you can get from Fishguard to Rosslare in less than four hours, which when you factor in check in and customs, is far less than you’d spend on a flight between the two countries.