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Five Australian Animals to Get Your Picture Taken With


It’s hard not to love animals. Whether it’s a sense of Earthly camaraderie or just because some of them look really awesome/adorable, seeing certain animals on your travels can be the highlight of your trip. The difficulty often lies in getting a picture of said animal or, the dream, a picture with that animal. Alas, some animals are crafty and don’t like having their picture taken much less being touched – fair enough, there are a lot of people like that too!

Australia is home to some of the craziest animals on Earth, thanks to its far away location. Thanks to conservation efforts, many of these animals have been protected in some sort of zoo or wildlife zone. While some people may have problems with caging animals and not letting them be free, allowing people to see and get up close to some of these creatures does wonders for gaining understanding, empathy and conservation.

With that in mind, here are five animals you can get your picture taken with!



They may look cute and cuddly (they are) but they also smell a little unsavoury due to their hygiene habits. If you get to hold one, you’ll have to make yourself like a tree for them to grab onto as they spend most of their lives in trees, and with the amount of eucalyptus they eat, you don’t want to go changing things for them too much.


In the wild they can be dangerous but cute, yet in a zoo they look like the laziest animals in the world (well.. even in the wild too). If you visit a park with them, you can even lay next to them and they really don’t seem to care that much. Feed them pellets, watch them hop – life is good.


They look like dogs but, they are more like coyotes than wild dogs, which Australia also has. If you happen to be walking around a zoo like the Australia Zoo you may even see one or two of them on a leash with a staff member. Just keep your babies away!


They’re ferocious and it’s recommended that you don’t get too close to them because, well, you look pretty tasty, but you can still get a picture with one if you get creative. Stand in front of their area and because they really don’t move that much, it’s easy to get them into the frame. Want something better? Attend a showing of a baby croc and perhaps you’ll even get to hold it?

Tasmanian Devil

Probably not a good idea to hold these vicious little dog rat things, but if you show up at feeding time when they are fighting and chasing each other, it will be pretty easy to get in the same frame as one and get a sweet picture. Do it while you can – there’s a facial tumour going around that threatens their extinction.