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Five Great Reasons to Check out Melbourne

Unless you’ve been actively trying to be ignorant, you are probably aware of the rivalry that exists between Melbourne and Sydney. Both are first rate cities worthy of hosting travellers from all over the world, but for whatever reason (some will say it’s only because of the Sydney Opera House), Sydney gets more attention on the world stage. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who outright dislikes either city, but everyone has their preferences – and for many, Melbourne takes the prize.

Located in the state of Victoria, Melbourne is a haven for culture and just all around good times. Home to a proud history and closely located to numerous other attractions, Melbourne is a fantastic place to base yourself out of to see what Australia has to offer. Book your hostel through Hostel Bookers and be sure to get one that is reasonably centrally located to take part in all the action.

Like the following:

Walking the City

Melbourne is a great city to just walk around in, seeing the various points of interest along Southbank, the downtown and find those hidden gem restaurants that seem to be off the beaten path. Try to get a hostel right in the middle of it all and your days can be just as fun filled as your nights!

Wine Country

Australia is one of the biggest wine producing nations on the planet and Melbourne is ideally located to take advantage of visiting a winery or two. Sure, you have to leave the city to check them out but these kinds of tours can be easily arranged in Melbourne for a day trip.

Sweet Food

With great culture comes great food and Melbourne has both in spades. Everything can be found here, from delicious curries and British fare to world class Italian and sushi. Coffee shops too range from the small outside cafes to the chains we are all familiar with.

Access to The Great Ocean Road

Driving the Great Ocean Road is one of the best decisions you can make, as it is a road worthy of the title. Built by returning war veterans, the road takes a winding route around the south of Australia, by the rugged eroding coasts by such familiar landforms as the Twelve Apostles… of which there aren’t actually twelve remaining!

Access to Tasmania

Again, you have to leave Melbourne to do this but from Melbourne you can reach the rugged and beautiful island of Tasmania by sea or by air. You’ll want to spend a few days over here doing some hiking, checking out all the wildlife (including the Tasmanian Devil) and wondering why the rest of Australia isn’t this beautiful. It is a decision you won’t regret.