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Four Fall Fun Activities



When you think about it, fall is a weird name (even if the formal name is autumn). It would be like calling spring ‘bloom’ or winter ‘freeze’ – “Hey what are you doing this Freeze?” Words are fun!

With a new season comes a new host of activities to take part in either on your own or in a group. For some, this gives them something to look forward to and plan for – and even an excuse to go on a trip somewhere they otherwise wouldn’t go. Whether it’s around the corner or across the globe, there are tons of things that can only be done when the weather is a certain way and for fall, that time is now.

Below are a sample of some of the amazing activities you can take part in during the time leading up to winter (be it fall to you or autumn!). Don’t feel the need to break the bank in order to enjoy the seasonal goodness – some of the best things are just around the corner and about as free as they come!

1. Apple Picking

Unless you live in a place with no seasons (and thus, any sort of seasonal activity would be very difficult), chances are you have some sort of apple orchard nearby. Now, aside from this year which was abysmal for apple production outside of California due to a strong cold snap during the spring, apple picking is a great way to spend any autumn afternoon. Many orchards have a pick your own system where you can get a basket, fill it and you pay for the weight. Entertainment and delicious fruit – can’t go wrong there! If that weren’t enough, many of these places also have other food to pick, from pumpkins to other squash and is sure to make for a great day out and photo opportunity.

2. Hot Beverage and a Park Stroll

It doesn’t matter if you bring it from home or stop by Starbucks, nothing says perfect autumn day like a hot drink and a walk in the park. Drinks can range from coffee to different types of seasonal tea blends, like apple spice and chai pumpkin lattes. With a group of friends, a loved one or just your own awesome self, there are plenty of great trails or scenic locations to get some fresh air. Seine Riverbank in Paris or Mount Takao in Tokyo for the globetrotters, just as a suggestion!

3. Bake Pies

Pies are universally awesome and you can extend that feeling by making it yourself. Visit an orchard for the ingredients, make the crust, bake it and let the sweet aroma fill your house to overflowing. Maybe invite some people over if you’re feeling generous?

4. Harvest Party

You know Oktoberfest and maybe even Thanksgiving, but what’s to stop you from holding a harvest party of your own? What to serve is up to you, but why not have everyone bring a dish – the only rule is it must be something fall related, so no berries allowed! This is a great idea for anyone living overseas who is looking for an excuse to socialize and have their new friends contribute local delicacies. Don’t forget the drinks!