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Four Restaurant Chains to Avoid While Traveling


Traveling abroad exposes you to a variety of different dining options and cuisines but sometimes you crave the familiar, especially if you are away for a long time. Some people, if they are away for even a week, never venture out of what they know and that is a real shame. Chain restaurants are safe bets but if you wanted to play it safe, you never would’ve left home!

Below are four chains you should avoid if you are abroad if for no other reason than you are on vacation.


Oh fair Starbucks – how something so expensive and once limited to only one country until a relatively short time ago could come to be everywhere you could be in the world. While Starbucks can be a great place to chill out and grab something familiar, you are missing out on the local places if you use it as your coffee shop. Going to Starbucks in Europe deprives you of their café culture and sampling the so called real espresso that other places mimic.


This one seems to be a given but if you love your McDonalds, find a replacement when you’re on vacation. Quite often it is a lot more expensive overseas than it is in North America and there are better places to eat. If you really want a burger, maybe there’s a local restaurant that serves up a better one for a more reasonable price. Or maybe just try some different food, local fast food, and show off to your friends how international your palette has become.

Dunkin Donuts

A surprising sight for many who think it is only in North America, Dunkin Donuts for many people is the only real doughnut shop they will ever experiences. Yes, their doughnuts are good and prices are cheap – they even offer wifi in many of their locations – but there are local sweet that may be even better. Maybe the reason there aren’t any other good doughnut shops in the place is because they have something better that everyone craves.


Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t really eat Kentucky Fried Chicken anywhere, KFC is not worth the price you have to pay. Chicken is available pretty much everywhere, much healthier and often with more flavour. In Japan, for example, they are under the mistaken assumption that westerners eat fried chicken on Thanksgiving and Christmas, making KFC very busy on holidays. Plus aside from the fact that it perpetuates the stereotype that westerners are fat, there are better options!