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Get a real exploration experience in Africa…

The world’s second greatest continent of Africa is the grand place to discover the true exploration. Africa and the Middle East are the places, where you can get a possibility to experience the genuine exploration of prehistoric and present, and of natural and metropolitan.

The New York Times currently announced their yearly list of 52 places to explore in 2015. Among these 52 places, Africa’s 10 destinations occupy the stable place for the last two years.

Africa the great continent is full of ancient holy places, tomb of Egypt, striking wild life in Uganda, pyramid, spectacular migrations in Kenya, remarkable landscapes, magnificent delta areas in Botswana, and amazing canyon in Namibia.

Zimbabwe and Zambia

Zimbabwe and Zambia

Zimbabwe and Zambia both are most famous for this amazing Waterfalls called “Victoria Falls”. It’s reclining in the midst of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

This falls are 1.7 km extensive and 355 feet elevated. In damp season in excess of 19 million cubic feet of water plunges over the rim into the Zambezi River. This falls is known by its other name called Mosi-oa-Tunya the meaning of this name is smoke that detonate.

For the period of mid of September toward December, Zambezi stream water level is very low, enlightening what is mostly a slight, and normally emerging perpetuity pool at the rim of this waterfall is called the Devils pool. As per the leads guidance take a boat to reach that awe-inspiring spot, there you could sense the natures gift and enjoy your valuable time with more interesting adventurous activities.

The ideal depiction of this falls prettiness is if you are 30 miles away from the falls, still you can feel and see the column of spray.



Most recognizable identity of Egypt is its Pyramid together with Sphinx. The Giza pyramids are one of the seven wonders of antique world.

There are more than 100 pyramids in Egypt. Each Pyramid is the toms for different kings. Pyramids are built to preserve the pharaoh’s mummified body. Their most precious belongings were buried with them, a few cases their animals and slaves are escorted with them for their voyage. Here are three main tombs in Giza such as, the Pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Kafhre and the pyramid of Menakura.

The pyramid of king is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu also known as Pharaoh Cheops was built about 2650 BC since 2.5 million barricade of marble. This is to be found in the part of Giza, a few miles south of Cairo. Since that same locality as the grand Sphinx, half lion statue, a half human are judged to be one of the world’s biggest and oldest statues.

Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania is surrounded by many more beautiful places. The most visited places are grand migration in Masai Mara & Serengeti National Park, hiker’s choice of Mount Kilimanjaro, charming civilization in Mt. Hanang, and pleasant beaches.

There the people are so affectionate, gracious and friendly. When you have been there don’t miss to meet the red cloaked Maasai soldiers. In Mara you be able to experience the warmness of local food or the rhythm of their customary dance. And also you can spend your time in Mt.Kilimanjaro by doing hike. The people who are interested in mount climbing activities; this is a right place to hike.

The wildebeest migration in Maasai mara is one of the great distinctiveness of Africa. For the period of mid of July to the end of October you can see the millions of wild animal migrating from Serengeti to Kenya.
A tour to Maasai mara is the simply affirmation that you in fact tripped Africa.



The place is well known for its beauty of splendid landscape of Draa Vale, magical place of Marrakech and Majorelle Gardens.

Draa landscape is located in the middle way of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara. It’s a beautiful vale and a bunch of date cultivated area scatter by Kasbahs prepared of rammed red earth growing aligned with the sky.

The Magical place of Marrakech is a huge, contaminated and mesmerizing spot, and also the area is filled with the great palaces, crammed markets, holy mosques and lavish gardens.

The place of Majorelle Garden having only the rare kind of plants, and its attractive constructions and peaceful nature is the best part of this garden.

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