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Home from Home

homeIf you are fed up with your lot and want to get away but are on a limited budget, you may just resign yourself to plodding along and not realizing your dream of travelling to distant shore.  However, there are ways you can travel for free if your determination has not been blighted by self-doubt.  There is a worldwide housesitting service they you can subscribe to.  You may have to provide evidence of who you are, but the red tape is worth the experiences you will reap.  Housesitting is available in over sixty countries from the USA to Japan, Australia, the Middle East and many European countries.  Even Islands you would never have imagined ending up are on the list, so it is well worth the time and effort to scroll through everything available.

If you are confident enough to travel thousands of miles, to a place where people are strangers, this may be one of the exciting options to consider.  If you are not so self-assured, maybe do this in your own country first to get a taste of what housesitting is all about.  All you will have to pay for is travel and food but when you think about the price of commercial accommodation, you will be saving a packet.  Do not forget to think about things such as whether you will be taking care of family pets as well as the house.  Do you like dogs?  Can you handle rats/snakes/horses?  People can have some very unusual pets that need feeding!  If you do not drive, you may prefer to stay in a city.  Whatever you choose to do, you will come away feeling a deep sense of achievement and with a box full of memories – and who knows, you may even get ‘the bug’ and want to do it year after year.