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How to Stay Safe While Traveling

cloudsBeing safe gets you in the position to enjoy and appreciate the new place that you will be staying. Whether you travel alone or in a group, it is wise to take the necessary and precautious steps when traveling anywhere. Planning ahead and being vigilant will help you ensure a safe and non-distressing (or at least less stressing) journey.

With these helpful tips on how to keep you safe, rest assured that you will not end up getting to the wrong side of the town or losing your valuable things to the wrong hands.
•    Learn where you are heading ahead of time. You have your Google maps, GPRS, or Lonely Planet guidebook so make use of those and study the place where you are heading. Remember not to flaunt those gadgets to public places. Never ask strangers that you meet on the street for directions and avoid scam artist who’ll offer you to be a guide or sell something at low prices.

If you arrive in a destination late at night. Be sure to stay in one of the airport hotels, rather than trying head into the city centre at a dark hour.

•    Carry your debit or credit cards instead of large amounts of cash. Roads are not a good place for your fancy purse full of cash so bring with you a fanny pack and keep it close to your body at all times. Never let those sneaking thieves have their chance of getting those purses so securely fasten it in your clothes with secret pockets. Sounds weird? It’s cool and it helps a lot!

•    Bring with you your cellphone and again, never flaunt it. You might lose your way on a strange street so track the directions or even call people for a ride. Should you find yourself in danger, you can alert the police with a cellphone at hand.

•    Take copies of your passport and other travel documents and keep a set of them in your luggage and back packs so in case your luggage is stolen, you still have a copy of your documents.

•    Don’t be too enthralled with the attractions you will see. You need to be aware of your surroundings all the time and look around when you are walking. Try to avoid suspicious-looking people at all times and anywhere.

•    Travel with a buddy as much as possible. Go with your business partners, or a group or with your special someone. Solo travelers are easy targets of criminals so be aware of that.

•    Purchase a travel insurance that will cater your needs and travel incidents that might arise. This is always a wise choice especially when travelling overseas.

•    You are a tourist and you don’t want others to know that too. Blend in as much as possible so you won’t be attracting thieves and kidnappers and keep a low profile at all times.

•    Never get into civil disturbances or engage yourself in public demonstrations.

•    Learn a few words in the local language or even enough so you can easily inform others that you need help.

•    Always stay in touch with your family and friends at home and let them know where you will be heading. If possible, give them as much information so they’ll be aware of your status.