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Malindi Travel Guide

Situated at the mouth of the Galana river wherever it spills into the Indian Ocean north of port, the beach city of Malindi marks the spot wherever Portuguese soul Vasco da Gama stopped throughout his ground-breaking voyage from Europe to India within the1400s. Today, the resort town could be a major vacation destination and is especially well-liked among Italian tourists. The reef of the Malindi Marine park situated to the south of town could be a sturdy draw. the first marine park to come back below protection from the Kenyan government, the park options a broad array of ocean life, from turtles and shore birds to marine mammals like whale sharks.

The marine park stretches from a pillar erected to honor Vasco da Gama to the beautiful beaches of Watamu to the south. Beach safaris by foot or on horseback from Malindi to Watamu are popular pastimes. Visitors can also explore Watamu’s forest by boat. Other activities include snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing and kite surfing, an increasingly popular activity that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The region is also known for its , which features seafood spiced with cinnamon and curries made with coconut milk.

The Gedi Ruins south of Malindi feature the remains of a Swahili city inbuilt the thirteenth century, giving guests a rare glimpse into Kenya’s past. Today, the ruins square measure home to Old World monkey monkeys that pronto act with guests. The city was once a trading community that housed as several as a pair of,500 people. The adjacent museum options artifacts unearthed within the ruins, together with Venetian coins, Chinese vases and lamps from India.