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Mountains or Seaside – Health Benefits of your Holiday Destination

There is a constant debate about which travel destination is the healthiest: the mountains or the seaside. Some consider the fresh, clean air of the mountains to do wonders for our lungs constantly tormented by the urban air. Others consider the seaside to be the perfect destination, with its salty breeze doing wonders for our immune system, helping us avoid respiratory disease. Let’s see what we can add to the debate – perhaps it will help settle it once and for all.

1. Mountain holidays

According to research done by the University of Innsbruck in Austria, traveling to the mountains has a heap of health benefits. Spending time at moderate altitudes is beneficial for our blood pressure, they say, normalizes the pulse rate, helps people sleep better and even helps them to lose weight easier. According to the study, the negative ions in the mountain forests are beneficial for our health, and have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. The negative ion concentration is ten times as high in a mountain forest than in a typical urban environment, while the biggest concentration of such ions is to be found around waterfalls, making them the best place to visit.

For centuries the mountains are considered one of the best destinations for tourists to recover and relax. Even before the large and renowned European ski resorts were built doctors recommended mountain holidays for people exhausted by their sickness. The mountains are a place with peace of mind, incredible sights, not to mention the lots of opportunities for exercise (tracking, climbing, skiing and so on).

2. Seaside holidays

seaside holidays

For centuries doctors recommended people with various health problems – especially respiratory issues – to visit the seaside, take long walks in the salty breeze and relax in the chilling sound of the waves. Recent studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of the seaside for our health.

The sound of the waves has been shown to alter brain patterns, lulling us into a deep relaxed state which can help rejuvenate both our minds and bodies. Floating in sea water – which is much easier than in fresh water – diverts the blood from our lower limbs to our abdominal region, bringing more oxygen to our brains, thus making us more alert and active.

Sunbathing is a very popular seaside activity – and its benefits go way beyond just getting a nice tan. While you sit in the sun and play casino games at Platinum Play mobile the sunlight causes your body to release endorphins that induce a state of relaxation and reduce stress. Sunlight in moderate amounts does wonders to certain skin conditions, too, like psoriasis, while seawater helps the treatment of dermatitis, a skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to an outside factor. Not to mention the beneficial effects of the salty air on our respiratory system, helping it repel the attacks of viruses and bacteria for a long time.

Image by okjoost Dott. Hydruntum under cc license