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Out of the Ordinary Breaks


Do you ever get tired of the same old vacation? Looking to mix it up and not sure how or where to start? Consider staying in an alternative form of accommodation to your traditional hotel or hostel and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

There are tons of different styles of accommodation to choose from, especially if the most outrageous you’ve ever experienced is having a mini-bar in your room. There’s nothing against that type of travel, especially if you only see it as a means to an end (and especially if your days are spent exploring amazing sites and locations and you just want to crash in the evening), but if you want to spice up your vacation in some outrageous setting, there are options out there for you all over the world at different price points.

Below is a short list of different types of accommodation you can check out if you’re looking for an out of the ordinary summer break from your daily life. With so many to choose from and each offering something special, you may never go back to the old way.


Ice Hotel

While there are quite a few ice hotels around the world (generally only in cold weather countries!), one ice hotel of note is found in Sweden and is just as you would imagine it to be. Made all out of ice, this type of accommodation is a feat of engineering and imagination, encouraging you to bundle up and snuggle in close with loved ones – the perfect intimate, romantic getaway that you will never forget the rest of your lives.


Sleep under the Stars

If going on a safari in Africa is on your to-do list, why not go all out? There are many safari companies that can put together packages for you that feature camping out under the stars on the savannah prominently in their itineraries. Safely guarded of course, you can witness the sounds and sights of the African nighttime, drifting off in the wilderness or laying awake to take it all in – the perfect way to enjoy any trip to Africa.


Over the Water

There is something about staying in a hut over the water that just screams decadence and relaxation – and nowhere does this better than the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. Enjoy the gentle sound of the water and wake to the spectacularly blue water every morning, all while enjoying many of the comforts of home.


In a Castle

Want to feel like the true lord or your realm, king of your domain? Stay in a medieval Scottish castle and be prepared to feel just as important as you really are. With tons of different castles to choose from for every budget and desire (from the simple to the outrageously elegant), you will be forgiven if you can’t go back to traditional hotels!