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Packing Less, but Having what you Need…

Every time I go on to a plane I see people with a massive carry on luggage who probably have loads of additional suitcases as well full of redundant items. A golden rule of travel is don’t pack anything you couldn’t stand losing, and don’t pack too much. For the latter, practical logic of that is the fact that whatever you pack you also carry, which can greatly hamper the mobility you will have during your trip. In order to cut down on a few needless items and to maximize the space that you do have we have provided a few tips below:

Make a Checklist 

If you have a few different functions to attend on a trip that require special clothing, or you just want to list down what you are bringing, so… you can reduce that amount a checklist is a good idea. Note the number of days you are in a place, then also consider the general weather conditions there and the weekly forecast to choose clothes. Take into account if you will have a chance to wash clothes while away, if you do you can really reduce the number of things you bring. With a checklist you can bring just what you need and nothing else.

dam-squarePack before the last minute

Going with the idea of a checklist, if you pack before time you can follow the list and place everything in without panicking and packing to much. By doing it in advance you can calculate what goes in and hopefully remove some items that you realize you just won’t need. Not to mention who needs to worry about packing when there is a plain to catch and you are starting to run late, just get it done early.

What to do with shoes

Well the best advice is to bring as few pairs as possible. Regardless of the trip 2 or 3 pairs should be the maximum. Wear what ever your most bulky pair is on the plane and while packing the others place them in your bag first and far to the side. Shoes tend to take up a lot of suitcase room, so really think which shoes are definitely necessary.

Roll don’t fold

Rolling as opposed to folding conserves more space in a bag. The tactic is to place the bulkiest of items, starting with shoes then moving to sweaters and pants to the sides and roll all other clothes items in the centre of the suit case. Of course be aware that it is not a good idea to roll formal wear as that could wrinkle it.