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Why Pune Is Your Ideal Weekend Getaway

Pune, the less hyped twin of Mumbai is known for its sublime beauty and rich historical heritage, and famous educational institutions. Pune, though apparently known as the Oxford of the East, (owing to being home to reputed and famous educational institutions) is also referred to as the cultural capital of India. Though in spite of having these heavy adjective-laden reputations and an overall impression of gravity and seriousness, Pune has its own fun and cheerful side reserved for people who look for it. Not only is it a picturesque spot to go on a weekend vacation, it also has its fair share of amazing and cool activities that make it a must visit. In this article, we will list for you the fun things to do in Pune, so that you might have the trip if your life next weekend.

To start with, Pune is your ideal weekend gate away with the plush resorts at reasonable prices just in the midst of nature to make your stay worth it. The locations are usually surrounded by breathtaking day outing plots, or eco-villages or forests and hilly landscapes. The hotels usually come with packages that are all inclusive of food, lodging and sightseeing and other activities one might wish to partake in Pune.

Talking about activities, there is a number of things one might try out during their stay in Pune. There are a number of amusement parks and water parks situated in the city, an ideal way to spend a family outing, as you are guaranteed to come out with a smile on your face and a candy floss in your hands, most notable among them is the Diamond Adventure and Water Parks, with variety of water rides and fun installations to make your day worth remembering.

Apart from these, if you are the adventurous kind, you can always go for rafting or hot air balloon rides, the latter being a must if you are on a romantic holiday. However, if you are in Pune for a fun vacation with friends, you can always opt for camping and trekking, as Pune, with its hilly terrain is an ideal place to trek in. However, if you are going for a luxury vacation, there are luxury spas as well as esteemed resorts that can take care of all your needs.
All in all, Pune can be a consummately fun trip for any kind of vacation. When we think of Maharashtra, all our focus is primarily centred on Mumbai with its high-end life and fast and attractive lifestyle is a so-called must visit. However, Pune, with its subtle charms, heritage sites and impressive locales is a must visit while you are in Maharashtra since it offers everything you are looking out for in a vacation, from serene beauty to luxurious stays, from adventures of camping to rafting and other such sports. Pune can be your go-to destination and a much-needed break from the hassles of the city life.