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Rajasthan – Glittering Silver Golden Sands

Welcome to the land of the glistening silver golden sands, the land of the multi colored fabrics, the impassioned songs and the sprightly dances, the ancient folk traditions and rich handicrafts – Welcome to Rajasthan.Rajasthan encompasses the warm and simplistic lifestyle of the natives and stands for historic battles. The state has been the seat of spectacular events. A tour of the state will take you through the arid yet singularly beautiful desert towns such as Jaisalmer and Barmer to the heart of Rajput grandeur and brilliance such as Udaipur and Chittorgarh. The region is a true tourist paradise and home to the most fascinating havelis and palaces and an astounding wildlife sanctuaries, shrines for the fervent and pious natives. The land of many legends, tales of valor and sacrifices, Rajasthan probably attracts the highest number of tourists in India.

Sunrise is also great...

Sunrise is also great…

Rajasthan also known as the ‘land of colours’ is situated in the North-Western part of India. Largest state in India in terms of area, Rajasthan is located in an area of 132,140 square miles in the Thar Desert Region and is surrounded by the ‘Aravalis’; the oldest mountain chain in India.

Rajasthan was ruled by Rajputs clan known for their bravery and valor in wars. Located at the northwestern border of India, this is a place where history, myth, chivalry and romance form an exciting mix with the rugged natural beauty. Once divided into many princely states, the land has a glorious past, intriguing tales of valor and heroism of the residents of this region is an important part on Indian history.

Rajasthan, also known as the “Land of the Kings” is aptly named so as it is home to a marvelous realm of Maharajas and their forts and palaces. Rajasthan is famous as the land of jungles, tigers and glittering jewels and vivid art and vibrant culture. When in Rajasthan allow yourself to be mesmerized by all the beauty and royalty the state has to offer.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Rajasthan is from mid October to mid March as it isn’t too hot then and travellers can enjoy sightseeing without being bothered by the heat. A much loved destination with foreign and local tourists alike, a ramble through the state should take you 10 days, including all the major cities and tourist destinations.

The best thing about Rajasthan is that travellers across all budgets can enjoy the state. If you’re a budget traveller you’ll spend anything between Rs. 40,000- 55,000, a mid range traveller would spend between Rs. 55,000- 80,000 and a high end traveler would spend between Rs. 80,000- 1, 20,000.
Hotels of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is home to a variety of accommodation options. There are a wide range of hotels in the state ranging from top end to deluxe to budget hotels. Known for their hospitality and services the hotels in Rajasthan form the ideal base for a perfect vacation.

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