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Sizzling Sorrento


Italy has an air of sophistication, glamour and a special glitz in the breeze. Despite all this, I don’t think you could ever feel out of place in one of the beautiful coastal resorts, bustling and packed in summer.


Sorrento is hugely popular, with so much to see and do around the region, and a vast array of activities in the town itself. Situated on the glitzy Amalfi Coast, Sorrento offers something a little different from your usual summer destination.


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Once you’re safely living the high life in Sorrento, you’ll find much to keep you occupied, and I’d definitely suggest getting out and about and exploring the area around you, this particular region is stunning in my opinion, and one that should be seen. One place you must visit, and I think it would be a crime if you didn’t, is nearby Pompeii. Everyone knows about Pompeii, a city abandoned after it was held very much in the path of Mount Vesuvius and her rage.


In the city itself, fans of architecture will be in their element, and I’d suggest visiting the Duomo for some beautiful examples, as well as the cathedral.


Of course, this being a city, there are many shopping opportunities –one of my favourite activities! Italy is sophisticated and suave, so expect to find quite a few boutiques for those with an endless budget, especially if you head to Corso Italia. However, if you’re more like me and on a tighter shoe-string, then the Tuesday market is a great place to haggle for souvenirs, and there are lots of quaint shops with much less of a price tag.

Sorrento itself is not somewhere I’d recommend if you want a lot of beach time. It does have a small beach, but be aware that it can get very crowded. However, get there early enough and you’re sure to bag a spot.


Night-life in Sorrento is typically sophisticated and laid-back, in-keeping with a city dripping in chic. You won’t find a raucous clubbing scene, however you’ll find many bars and restaurants that are lively enough to keep you entertained, and the food … to die for!


Italian food is of course famous the world over, and whilst in Sorrento make sure you try some of the best on the planet. Pizza is a wonderful dish that pretty much everyone will enjoy, and you’ll find plenty of it, along with fragrant pasta dishes and seafood, all washed down with a glass of local wine. The area is famous for limoncello liqueur, so be sure to give that a go too.


All in all, I think Sorrento is a wonderful destination for couples and friends wanting something a little more upmarket.


All together now –Just one cornetto …..