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Some of the Top Soccer Stadiums in Europe

A lot of people love soccer or football as the Europeans call it. In Europe it has gotten near to the level of religion. With that analogy ringing true, some of the top stadiums in Europe or near to being like churches for this the beautiful game. The football fan has more passion than any other sport. Rivalries take on the importance of blood feuds and big games become the theatre to thousands of people inside the massive and ever so impressive soccer stadiums of Europe. Here are a listing a few of the most well known.


Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

Real Madrid, one of Europe’s largest and most storied football franchises, stadium is towering and fits a massive capacity. If you are lucky enough to watch a match here it feels as if the spectators could pour on to the pitch at any moment. The heaters blast down, keeping the fans warm on a chilly Madrid night. Real Madrid as a club have won nine Euro Cups. Visit the Real Madrid museum that houses the trophies and get a taste of the legacy of this club.

Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

The Scottish national stadium is the spiritual heart of a Scotland international game. This stadium once attracted 149, 415 fans for a match between Scotland played England in 1937. That talley is still a European attendance record. Beside the stadium is the training pitch. This area called Lesser Hampden also houses games for the reserve team. The white stands of Lesser Hampden are believed to be one of the oldest football stands in the world. Also check out the Scottish Football Museum, which records all of Scotland’s football achievements.

Old Trafford, Manchester , England

A trip to Old Trafford, at least to see its exterior as getting into Manchester United match is difficult, is an experience that needs to be had while in Manchester. Statues of club legends such as Sir Matt Busby, George Best, Denis Law, and Bobby Charlton stand watch as fans pour into the stadium. The memorial clock out front is dedicated to the victims of the 1958 Munich Air Disaster. Near the stadium is the clubs museum, which tells the tale of England’s storied franchise and the Manchester United mega store provides all forms of club paraphernalia.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

This expansive stadium is home to FC Barcelona – the second Spanish club listed here and again one of Europe’s largest. In the glitz of Barcelona, with its varied and eclectic ancient architecture, camp Nou is an intriguing modern spectacle that graces the skyline. Inside FC’s Barcelona’s museum not only are exploits and trophies for the club shared, but also art work that details the club.