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Tech Issues to Watch Out for While Travelling


It’s hard to imagine a time when travel didn’t involve some piece of technology at the forefront. It won’t be long until documents like passports are reduced to some bit of encoded data in the same way currency and tickets also have been, making it even more important that we take proper precautions to safeguard these essential parts of our voyages and be aware that just because we use it back home it doesn’t mean it will work the same way abroad.

Something like calling from abroad is pretty standard as far as the fees that are incurred and likely won’t come as a surprise to many that calling locally is different than calling overseas, but if the right steps are taken you can make those cheap international calls an afterthought and a non issue.

Just to give you something to think about, here are a few other tech issues that can really hamper travel if you don’t plan ahead!


Aircraft_Cabin_H1N1Tech on the Plane

If doesn’t matter if you know more about your device than your flight attendant does, if they insist that it be turned off you’d be best to listen to them or else risk a bigger issue. Most airplanes are pretty good now about letting you use your electronics during the bulk of the flight but if its during landing or take off, it’s best to just keep them stowed.


Credit Card Problems

Simply calling your bank to tell them you’re going to travel can save a lot of headaches that could arise when your chip card stops working or is locked due to ‘suspicious’ activity while abroad. There really are few things as bad as not being able to access your funds due to something that could have been rectified just by placing a short call.


Memory Card Errors

Digital cameras have led to an explosion of photography and a knowledge of what your picture looks like before being developed, but a lot can still go wrong if your memory card gets compromised. Consider bringing a back up storage device that can keep your pictures safely preserved.


Roaming Charges

Using cell phones abroad is becoming more common, particularly with smartphones, but unless you have the right SIM card for the area or are within a Wi-Fi zone, you’re likely to incur ungodly charges for accessing the network. Have your phone turned to the proper settings that won’t access the network outside of Wi-Fi and maybe even pick up a regional plan that will allow for international texting without those outrageous penalties.


Voltage Differences

Finally, be sure you have the right adapters before you leave home for all your electronics. Some appliances will have a built in adapter to accommodate all ranges of electricity but smaller ones will cease to work properly if plugged in – possibly exploding or simply shorting out. Oh yeah, and make sure you have the right wall plug for the region you’re traveling to!