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The Allure of the East: Hong Kong


Standing tall on Victoria Peak overlooking the sight of the urban skyline cut with towering skyscrapers and spectacular lights is a perfect way to enjoy this colossal city. Named one of the top panoramic city snapshots in the world, Hong Kong at night is enough to take your breath away.

To walk along the backdrop of an alluring urban city, visit Hong Kong, China.

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The skyline in Hong Kong is truly one of the most amazing sights in the world. To truly take in the pricey panorama and bustling harbor that paints a picture of one of the most densly populated cities in the world, travel to the top of Victoria Peak. Here you can take in the sight of Victoria Harbor, the source of fuel for this former British colony and home to many of China’s ferries, cruiseships, tankers and junks. On the Chinese New Year, Victoria Harbor is the sight of a spectacular fireworks display, a signiature invention of the 10th Century and tradition of Chinese origins. The easiest way to reach the top of Victoria Peak is by taking the 120 year old railway called the Peak Tram. I recommend arriving to the top just before dusk to witness a view of the sun set beyond the horizon of Hong Kong. Watch the bright lights illuminate the night as darkness falls across the tall towers of this enormous city.

A popular spot to enjoy an atmosphere of peaceful surroundings and take a break from the busy day is Nan Lian Garden. Stroll along this beatiful decorated garden and enjoy the serene water features, ornamental trees and land scattered with hillrocks. This tranquil garden is unique with many plant and animal species such as landscaped pines, a banyan grove and a wide range of local bird habitats. After visiting the gardens continue on to the Chi Lin Nunnery. This large Buddhist temple complex features a nunnery, the temple hall, the Chinese gardens and several stone and gold statues. I recommend a visit to Chi Lin Nunnery if you are interested in traditional Chinese architecture and peaceful Buddhist art. After a trip to the complex, head to one of the many tea shops in Hong Kong. Stop into Ming Cha Tea House to sit and sip on award winning Oolong tea. You won’t want to miss this one of a kind tea house run by artist Vivian Mak that is world famous for its delicious Ooolong.

Take a day trip outside the city to the small fishing village of Sai Kung. This village is a great change of scenery with picturesque boats and mountains in the backdrop. I highly recommend you eat at one of the many seaside restaurants when visiting any fishing village and order some of the most delicious fresh seafood China has to offer. Another option to step outside the city and enjoy nature is to take the tram along the water to the beautiful Dragon’s Back hiking trails. Here along the shady bamboo groves and woods of chirping birds you can take in spectacular views of the South China Sea and the Stanley Penninsula. The trail ends at popular Shek O Country Park and village with giant rocks, sandy beaches and a selection of alfresco restaurants. At the end of this long journey, rest at ease knowing you booked in advance with Gatwick airport parking.┬áSecure your holiday, today!

The balance between a busy city and garden of serenity can be found in Hong Kong.