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The Benefit of Travel Clubs

Travel Clubs are a great way to get around the world more. There is a travel club for everyone, from a senior travel club, singles travel clubs, golfers travel club, to the crazier nude travelling clubs; you will find a pick suitable for you. Travel clubs usually require a membership fee. Some may require a one-time fee for a couple of years accompanied by a modest annual fee thereafter. Other membership clubs require heavy annual fees and have been rumored to be for the stinking rich. Either way, the good bit is that there is a pantheon of travel clubs just waiting for you like the amazing Vacation Smart International.


Free Annual Vacation
Depending on your travel club, there should be at least one all-expenses paid trip per year or per a cluster of years. For the clubs that require annual membership fees, the free annual trips are usually organized every year. For the travel maniac, this is good news. You get to visit new places every year without spending money on expenses, just the souvenirs that you bring home.

The benefit of travel clubs is that some of them may waive all your expenses on condition that you bring the business to them. This works through their referral programs which entitle you to a number of free vacations for a limited period of time.
In some instances, if your acumen for bringing good business is exceptional, you may be given a chance to own part of the travel club business through a share purchase. This is a strategy employed by travel clubs to ensure they never run out of business. You will benefit through free vacations and the exclusion from payment of some maintenance fees regularly charged by the travel clubs.

While the free trips come once in a while, discounts are there the whole time in the travel club if you happen to be a member. The greatest benefit of travel clubs is the access to discounts in resorts that have a partnership with the travel club. You will find that you pay up to 75% less than the average customer of the resort who is not affiliated with the hotel in any way. This is a great way to save money on vacation.

The Company of Friends
Apart from the monetary issues, travel clubs offer a great opportunity to make new friends. This is one great benefit of travel clubs. You may discover a useful business partner while you are taking your time to relax. Such opportunities are good for the elderly as they find themselves in the company of friends and forget their loneliness. It is a great opportunity also for single men and women who are ready to mingle. Chances are that you will have a relationship with someone who shares one of your best hobbies, travelling.

Convenience and Security
Travel clubs give members the convenience of choosing their destinations knowing that they are not being scammed or cheated out of their money. Several bogus companies usually cheat vacationers out of their hard earned money, leaving the vacationers stranded or unable to vacation because they ended up losing the money saved for travelling purposes. With a travel club, you are assured that you are in safe hands, especially if you have been there for a couple of years.