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The Squares of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that is filled with different intriguing squares. The one that everyone runs into is Dam Square directly in front of Amsterdam’s Central Railway station. Definitely iconic, Dam Square is filled with interesting building in all of its corners as well as being a central hub for residents of the city to pass through and visitors to hangout in. With that said though, Amsterdam has many more interesting squares that can, and should, be visited by guests to the city. Here is a listing of just a few of them.

dam-squareDam Square

Truly the iconic square of Amsterdam is usually one of the first stops for many visitors to the city because of its close proximity to the central station. Some of the classic attractions that fill Dam Square include the National Monument, the Royal Palace and Niuwe Kerk (New Church) as well as a variety of souvenir shops and cafes.


Leidseplein is one of the Amsterdam’s most varied and vibrant entertainment districts. This area that also extends to the nearby streets is filled with cafe, bars, clubs, coffee shops, and restaurants. Street performers regularly fill the square and pander to the forming crowds. Nearby are Amsterdam’s two most renowned music venues and clubs Paradiso and the melkweg. This is definitely a place to check out while in Amsterdam.


This square is appropriately named for the major museums that surround it. More a park, than a traditional square the Museumplein boasts large lawns that people sit on and relax. This is also the site of many yearly festivals and celebrations. The museums surround the plein include the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam’s museum of modern art), and the Rijk Museum which houses the works of classic Dutch artists.


A square located right in the heart of Amsterdam close to both Amsterdam’s China town and the Red Light District. The perimeter of the square is filled with cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. In the summer months terraces and patios stretch into the square where people sit facing outwards towards action in the square. There are also many varied markets in this square in the warmer months.


Rembrant’s Square was built originally as a testimonial to the Master Dutch painter, but in present times Rebrantplein has become very much an equivalaent square to Leidseplein filled with cafes, bars, and clubs. Slightly less chaotic than Leidseplein it appeals to varied Dutch people to enjoy different kinds of establishments depending on their moods. There are clubs that require its patrons to be heavily dressed up and low key spots to enjoy a cold beer. Often artistic installations are places into the centre of the square.

Believe it or not, this just scratches the surface when it comes to exciting activities to engage in while staying in Amsterdam. Tourists will enjoy the fact that cars are actually discouraged in the city center, and the streamlined approach of public transportation will likely make getting around the city a less stressful endeavor. If you’d like to find out about more things to do in Amsterdam, then by all means go online and book a trip there for yourself. It’s not outside the realm of financial possibility, and it is certainly worth saving up for as well.