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The top 3 Surfing Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica may be known as one of the world’s most relaxed islands, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get active here if you want to. The beaches are equally ideal for trying out sports like surfing as they are for soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a cool cocktail.

Whether you’ve organised your break way in advance or are planning to arrange a last minute Jamaican escape, you’re bound to be looking forward to hitting that powder sand and deep blue surf. Hire a board during your getaway and you can practise surfing at many of the beaches that dot the island. To find out more about three of the best, read on.


Boston Bay Beach
Arguably the most famous beach in Jamaica at which to ride the waves is Boston Bay Beach in Port Antonio. The exclusive resort is known as the first home of Jamaican surfing and boasts the biggest waves to be found around the island.

The pretty cove is very clean and it’s best to visit between December and March if you want to enjoy perfect surfing conditions. Face north-easterly if you want to experience the biggest swells.

Beginners and intermediate surfers are well catered for here, but seasoned sportsmen and women might want to travel further afield in search of more challenging spots after visiting Boston Bay.

After a few hours on the waves, head on to the shore and sample the area’s famous jerk chicken at the vending stands nearby.

Long Bay
The eastern side of Jamaica is the best location for surfing, and if you’re staying in this area for your holiday it’s worth paying a visit to Long Bay. The resort is known for its reliable surf, although you’ll need to be aware of the area’s forceful undertow.

A relaxed spot, Long Bay has a quaint charm and offers some striking landscapes as a backdrop to your surfing break. There are also plenty of chances to buy some souvenirs from the beach vendors who line the beach.

Swell and wind directions are north-easterly and the optimum tide position can be found mid tide, while rising tide offers the best movement. On a normal day, the main take-off zone is next to the large boulder, and you might catch some rip currents here.

If you’re staying in or around Kingston for your Jamaican break, head out to Yallahs for at least one day, as the area is home to one of the island’s most consistent waves – Makka. You’ll find this popular surfing spot along the coastline between Yallahs and Morant Point and it has great potential for advanced surfers.

There are all kinds of spots to ride the waves, including a rivermouth break and numerous left-hand point breaks. Some can be ridden from two feet upwards, while others – such as the surf breaking off a massive headland – can only really be ridden when five feet or larger.

It’s wise to be aware that many of the headlands here give way to the vast Caribbean Sea, and you don’t want to end up in open ocean, especially because both the swell and wind patterns can change significantly in a short time here. Beginners will be out of their depth so it’s best to let the experts tackle this area.

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