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Best Destinations in Spain Part 1

Spain a nation soaked with sun, history and Mediterranean diversions. A trip to this nation will almost surely include time spent in the historical cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Both cultural hubs show Spain’s unique stamp on Europe artistically and culturally. The Spaniards are passionate people whom wear their heart on their sleeves. So this and the magnetic beauty of these people, their beautiful beaches, and their amazing culture. Here are a few of the top destinations to visit in Spain.

Barcelona, one of Europe – not only Spain’s biggest attractions, is a city writhing with energy, architecture, and art. Architectural buffs spend time wandering around the gothic quarter looking at the medieval Roman buildings.  The most famous architect of the city was Antoni Gaudi and his most famous work was the church of the Sacred Family. Still unfinished, more than a hundred years after construction was began this church is a must see for its varied design and the detailed etchings around it. While in Barcelona do not miss out on any of the great tapas restaurants that are along the cities most populated strip Las Ramblas street. And of course being that the city is right on the Mediterranean enjoy one of the many public beaches and the warm Spanish weather.

Besides being the financial and cultural hub of Spain Madrid is a city teeming with possibilities for nightlife, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment. Historically, Madrid had been inhabited by the Roman empire, who left many ancient sites around the city. Art lovers will be torn between the cities amazing art museums. The Prado Museum, has works from between the 12th and 19th century that include Rubens, Velasquez, and Goya. While the Reina Sofia museum is filled with art, including Spain’s most famous sons Picasso and the Salvador Dali. Picasso’s most famous work, the painting Guernica is housed here. If you are a lover of sport it may be worth a visit to Benabeau stadium, home of the Spanish foot balling giant Real Madrid.  A visit to the cities huge park Retiro Park is a nice way to enjoy a picnic lunch either in the parks green area, near the massive lake the park is built around, or along the tree graced boulevards that lead to and from its centre.

Just outside of Madrid is the ancient city of Toledo, formerly the capital of city of Spain, a city filled with medieval charm and delight. Also you may want to visit Segovia and its extraordinary castle that was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s castle log.

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