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Things to do in Chicago

So you have made it to the windy city and you have some time to take in the sights and soak in some culture. Don’t know what to do? Not a problem, the following list will give you a few good ideas of the sights, restaurants and bars that other traveler’s have enjoyed. Sometimes it is good to take the advice of other people when you’re new in town. So follow my lead…


Art Institute of Chicago
The art institute houses treasures from around the globe and is the second largest art museum in the country. The museum boasts a fabulous collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings. As spectacular as those paintings they are pale in comparison to the Picassos and Miros that hang in the modern art wing.

Hot Doug’s
Doug is the man that does everything there is to do with the hot dog, Not only does he serve different types of dogs – Chicago, polish sausage, german – he also cooks them in varied ways be it deep fried, steamed, or just classic char- grilled. Doug goes as far as to prepare his special “Haute” dog with blue cheese pork and cherry cream sauce. Savior an American classic the hot dog done to perfection.

University of Chicago
With a faculty that has been able to accumulate more than 80 Nobel prizes the University of Chicago is a prestigious institute of learning. Also prestigious, and infamous, is the University being the location where the world’s first controlled atomic reaction occurred back on December 2nd, 1942. Marking this is a the Nuclear Energy Sculpture done by Henry Moore.

Robie House
Of the houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright none are more famous or influential than his Robie House. The inside possesses an astounding 174 stained glass windows and doors. The horizontal lines used on the exterior of the building resemble the lines of the Midwestern prairies and for that reason have become known as the Prairie style.

John Hancock Centre
One of the magnificent views over the city is to be had in this Chicago’s third Highest skyscraper. Take a history less of the city from the 94th floor observatory. Or make your way up to the 96th floor signature lounge where you can enjoy some libation while seeing the city from above.

Lula’s Cafe
Just off Logan Square Arty Lula leads the way gastronomically with her locally sourced, seasonal menu. Try the stripped bass with pine nut peppered orzo, it is delicious. If you are looking for a magnificent meal Lulu’s is one of the places to go.