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Top 3 Caribbean Beaches

Most of us would like to spend a vacation on the shores of a beach, watching and hearing the waves break on the shores, enjoying the seaside breeze and whiling away our time. If planning for a beach vacation, choosing a Caribbean beach would be a good option because of their sheer beauty and the wide variety of activities you can engage in. It’s good to do your research and plan a head of time to see what beaches and find the best flight deals. JetBlue flights can be found here and are known to have low cost flights to the Caribbean. Here is a brief description of the most highly rated three Caribbean beaches and the different activities you can engage in while on vacation there.


1. Shoal Bay, Anguilla: Anguilla, once a hidden away spot has become a popular tourist destination lately because of the 33 beaches that spread across it. Out of these beaches, Shoal Bay is considered the most popular tourist destination. This beach has earned this reputation rightly, because it looks like heaven on earth with its pure white sands and crystalline water.

This is one of the awesome beaches where you can enjoy listening to live music.

For those who would prefer to spend some quiet time relaxing or contemplating, the East end of the bay serves the purpose as the shore at this end is comparatively quiet.

However for the more adventurous travelers, this beach also offers an opportunity to go snorkeling or go aboard a glass bottom boat to take a look at the coral reefs this area is abound in.

2. Eagle Beach, Aruba: Yet another beach that never fails to fascinate the tourists is the Eagle Beach located in Aruba. This beach is known for its soft white sand and gentle surf. A popular spot for destination weddings, this beach is peppered with low rise resorts which ensure that there is ample choice when it comes to choosing a place to stay.

You can engage in various motorized water sports such as para sailing, surfboarding and water skiing. This beach is also equipped with shaded picnic areas, huts and provides adequate parking space for visitors.

This is also one of the few nude beaches found in the area.

3. Trunk Bay, St. John: This beach, which seemed to have derived its name either from Trunkscildpatt, the leather back turtle or Trunk fish, is a popular tourist destination. This is one of the beaches that is a treat to the eyes because of the lush greenery surrounding it. The crystal clear water allows a look at the sea life teeming beneath the surface.

This beach provides visitors with a chance to go snorkeling and consists of underwater snorkeling trail which consists of underwater monuments and information about underwater life found commonly in the area. It is said that snorkeling in Trunk Bay allows tourists to see close to 30 species of fish at a time.

This is not the extensive list of Caribbean beaches but mentions only the 3 best Caribbean beaches based on tourists’ reviews.