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Top Beaches for Backpackers in Africa

Anyone coming up with on packing through Africa ought to add at least one of these amazing beaches to their itinerary. A little time by the sea makes it a lot of easier to go into the jungle or desert once more. Africa boasts a good range of budget-friendly packing destinations. It’s simple and low cost to travel around, and therefore the native folks are therefore friendly that you just can need to go to this continent over and once again.

Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Tofo BeachTofo Beach could be a lovely sandy beach that stretches for 8 kilometers. Fishing, diving and sunbathing are favorite activities on the beach. It’s conjointly known for its excellent reefs for fishing and snorkeling. The beach is created from gray sand, not white, however the beach is extensive and permits for lots of solitude.

Belle Mare, Mauritius

The water at Belle Mare is shallow and tranquil, making it ideal for families or those who prefer quiet water. The beach has an incredible sunrise view and is secluded enough thattravelers will find plenty of privacy. You can easily find some cheap accommodation and local food won’t wreck your budget too.

Camps Bay, South Africa

Camps Bay is just outside of Cape Town and is a very safe beach for the area. The Atlantic Ocean is great for swimming in. There are restaurants lining the beach and plenty of water sports to try out. Backpackers can find any accommodation to suit all budgets. Consider visiting Camp Bay this summer, you won’t be disappointed!

Chitimba, Malawi

For the more adventurous backpackers, Chitimba is a lake beach well off the beaten path. There is very little in the area, but the beach is on the edge of one of the largest lakes on the continent and you will be immersed in the local culture. The campsite is the perfect place to stay during your trip.Chitimba

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt is an ideal destination for backpackers. The Red Sea offers warm water for swimming and plenty of reefs for snorkelers. The area has plenty of shade and is popular with locals and tourists alike. It is also a good place for scuba diving and features many rare tropical fish and undersea plants.

Image By Dominic Scaglioni,andresfib,lbadura Under Creative Common License.