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Top Five Destinations in Germany

Visiting Germany will bring you into contact with a country steeped in history, tradition, and nuanced liberal pedigree. People remember the two world wars and Germany’s role in them, but the truth is that Germany has developed far beyond that tarnished past into one of the leading lights economically, culturally, and artistically. If you are taking a trip to Germany some of the following possibilities can give you some great options from the artistic swirl of Berlin to the regal elegance of Munich.



Berlin is a dynamic multifaceted city filled with contrasts. You can spend an afternoon looking at Modern architecture then spend time visiting a Barouque palace. The city is further graced with contrasts from one of the world’s best zoos to one of the world’s best orchestras. There are varied parts of the city to visit and enjoy thriving arts, gastronomic, and sporting worlds. Be sure to also check Historical tours that show this cities role in the World Wars till the present.


Despite being nearly destroyed in the Second World War Munich has been able to re-create much of its folkloric, Bavarian past. Oktoberfest is a legendary week of beer drinking and sausage eating revelry that brings throngs of people the world over to take part. The site Hofbrauhaus can be visited any time of year for a stine – the oversized glass of beer. Taking Munich tours will be sure to visit sites like the Olympiapark, site of the 1972 Olympics, which is a fitting tribute to those games. There are also more somber activities, such as taking a visit to Dachau, one of the largest of the German concentration camps.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Walk along the Rothenburg’s city wall or climb to the top of the town hall for a great view out over the city. Taking the night watchman tour is an unforgettable way to learn the city’s history. It’s also recommended that you visit the Medieval Crime Museum; it’s a gruesome but yet fascinating way to spend an afternoon.


The second largest city Berlin, Hamburg is a well known port and harbour city. Strolls along its many water ways and canals illustrate why Hamburg has been called the “Venice of the North.” Don’t miss out on a trip to the local fish market, with an amazing selection, the merchant’s district, or a night out of fine dining in any number of the cities splendid restaurants. If a night out is what you are after the University district has a variety of different watering holes. Not to mention the Reeperbahn, the largest red light district outside of Amsterdam, warrants a look.


On the banks of the lovely Elbe River, the German city of Dresden is lush and green and filled with forests, gardens, and parks. This city held a rich cultural past, with reknowned composer Wilhelm Wagner debuting a number of his works here in the 19th century. Culture lovers will still want to flock to Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister and Grünes Gewölbe museums.